Kmart shopper spots ‘dangerous’ detail in item: ‘Potential disaster’

A Kmart fan has shared a ‘dangerous’ discovery she made after purchasing a common item from the retailer.

The shopper posted a photo of her brand new stainless steel tumbler on a popular Kmart Facebook group, explaining she had found something strange inside the item.

Two photos of a blue Kmart tumbler on a white background
The 520mm tumbler retails at Kmart for $12. Photo: Kmart

The blue ombre tumbler came with a handful of loose metal balls inside the straw which baffled group members.

“Got my tumbler today, anyone else have these metal balls in the straw?” she asked. “I’m not posting to give Kmart a bad name or anything, but maybe in future to check straws as I’m a Kmart lover.”


Many shoppers replied saying that this seemed unusual, and the majority of people hadn’t come across this in their own item.

“Love these cups, have three of them they are great, but didn’t get that in any of them,” one Kmart fan wrote.

“Yeah that’s not normal, I have the pink version. None of that,” added a second.

“I have this exact cup and I don’t have them in my straw,” another chimed in.

L: A blue kmart tumbler with some balls on the bench. R: close up of some metal balls next to a metal straw and tumbler lid
The shopper shared photos of some strange metal balls that were inside her straw. Photo: Facebook

However, one person did recognise the small metal balls and said the same thing happened to her. “I had one of these cups, I had to change the straw because mine had those metal balls in it too,” she revealed.

Other group members urged the shopper to contact Kmart immediately, with one saying it could cause a ‘potential disaster’.

“That is dangerous you need to report this,” one wrote.

“Maybe they are part of the manufacturing process, possibly to smooth the inside of the straw,” another guessed.

“Omg what if a child sucked on that straw,” a third pointed out.

“Oh em gee. Wtf. Glad you see it first! Also I need that cup,” another remarked.


The shopper assured group members she had passed her concerns on to Kmart and would let them know the outcome. When Yahoo Lifestyle reached out to Kmart for comment, a spokesperson said an ‘investigation’ was now underway.

“At Kmart we take product safety extremely seriously. Our customer service team have been in touch with the customer to begin an investigation,” the statement read.

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