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This award-winning mattress promises you the 'best sleep possible'

If you ever doubted that technology in the bedroom is a good thing, Emma mattresses are here to prove you wrong.

They've just won a Good Design Award for their Diamond Hybrid Mattress, after their innovative tech helped reduce back pain in customers, and improve restful sleep.

A couple making the Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress in a modern room
The Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress has won a Good Design Award for its innovative technology. Photo: Emma

The Diamond Hybrid is engineered to bring people to the REM sleep stage faster, so you have a more restful and undisturbed sleep by staying in the deep sleep phase for longer.

This is done through the cooling and heat dissipation properties in the mattress.

The top layer of the mattress contains graphite particles which are designed to absorb excess body heat and distribute it away from the mattress.


Another layer of the mattress is infused with diamond particles - a patented technology to facilitate cool conditions to achieve ideal sleeping temperatures.

The mattress is made from comfort foam and pocket spring construction to mould completely to your body.

The foam's low rolling-resistance means you need to make less effort when you move around, so you're less likely to wake yourself up.

The ergonomically designed foam layer adapts to your body and distributes body pressure, so you can sleep comfortably whether you sleep on your side, back or stomach.

A cross section of the Diamond Hybrid Mattress showing the various layers of its construction
Emma's Diamond Hybrid Mattress contains graphite particles in one layer, and diamond particles in another for optimum cooling. Photo: Emma

The mattress is encased in a grey fabric which ensures optimal air circulation, as well as looking great.

It comes with handles so it's easy to set up too.

Prices start at $2499 for a single bed, and go up to $3749 for a king sized bed.

People who've tried it rave about the comfort and the quality of sleep. "It gives me the best sleep possible," says one fan.

"This provides wonderful support and comfort for both my back and neck, I am truly pleased," agrees another.

"I would highly recommend it to anyone."

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