Kmart shopper praised for 'genius' hack with $7 item: 'Amazing'

A Kmart shopper has shared a "genius" Christmas decoration hack as she gets into the spirit of the holiday season.

Posting her "amazing" creation on Facebook, the woman detailed how she created a fake fireplace to hang Christmas stockings.

The shopper said she had bought duct tape from Kmart, which she used to hold together four constructed cardboard boxes. She left a gap that became an alcove for the 'fire' and held it all together with a flattened piece of cardboard at the back.

She said she bought brick wall wrap for $7 from Kmart and covered the cardboard to create the look of a fireplace.

The Kmart shopper wowed social media users with her fireplace decoration hack. Source: Facebook
The Kmart shopper wowed social media users with her fireplace decoration hack. Source: Facebook

The woman was praised on Facebook for her creation, with many wanting to replicate it in their own homes.

"It's a great idea, looks fantastic," one commented.

"You are so talented," another said.

"Absolutely amazing, you are a genius," a third added.


Others said they had too created their own fireplaces to decorate their homes for Christmas, sharing pictures of their own versions.

It comes after another savvy Kmart shopper shared the ultimate hack for creating your own Christmas tree.

The woman detailed how she turned two Kmart corner ladder bookshelves into a cute and simple tree, with the help of some tinsel and holiday ornaments.

Bookshelves a woman used to create a Christmas tree covered in tinsel.
The woman used bookshelves to create a simple Christmas tree. Source: Facebook

Alongside some photos of the process, she explained on a popular Facebook group that she found two white bookshelves at her local Kmart which only cost $25 each.

Although Kmart doesn't appear to be selling this particular item online, similar oak look corner bookshelves are listed on their website at $29 each.

She finished the tree off with a large wooden Christmas tree topper, and placed an array of ornaments on the shelves, including a Ferris wheel and merry-go-round.

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