Kmart shopper discovers $6 Prada perfume dupe: 'It smells divine!'

Known for offering up affordable dupes of popular items, Kmart has struck again!

A Kmart shopper was recently shocked to find that the $6 body mist she had purchased was actually a dupe of designer brand perfume. Curious about the “divine” smelling OXX product she picked up in store, she took to social media to ask others whether it was a dupe of something else.

“Does anyone know what dupe this is? Smells Devine [sic],” she said of the Oddity body mist.

Her post was quickly inundated with comments from others also curious about the sell-out sprays.

“I was wondering the same. I just purchased it and smells so good,” another person said.

Several other Kmart fans said the popular $6 spray was the perfect dupe of the Prada Paradoxe perfume which retails for $220.

Kmart Prada perfume dupe
The shopper was happy to hear that the perfume she loves is a dupe of a much more expensive version. Photo: Facebook/Kmart

“It’s Prada Paradoxe! I have the original and it’s very similar. Doesn’t last as long. But great when you want to travel or something too,” one person commented.


“I also have the other both are very close to each other,” shared another.

Kmart fans also revealed that the $12 OXX Fragrance Oddity Eau De Parfum version of the body mist was also the perfect dupe of the Prada scent.

Kmart Prada perfume dupe
Shoppers are convinced Oddity is a Prada dupe with even the bottles resembling each other. Photo: Kmart/Prada

The budget retailer is known for dupes on almost everything from designer clothing to pricey handbags and beauty products often sending shoppers on a wild chase to track them down. And this product is no different with the Kmart website saying both products are currently sold out online.

And the dupes didn’t stop there. Several other shoppers said they’d also found other dupes within the Kmart OXX body mists and perfume range with one person pointing out there was a similar fragrance to Ariana Grande’s Cloud perfume.

“This is the Ariana cloud dupe,” they wrote alongside an image of Kmart’s In The Clouds body mist.

Kmart Prada perfume dupe
The Kmart version is a dupe of the $70 Ariana Grande perfume, Cloud. Photo: Kmart/Amazon

And while the scent is similar, the perfumes don't last as long. However, many said they didn’t mind given the appealing price tag.

“They fade the second I leave the house but last longer when sprayed on clothes,” one person offered with another adding, “It does but not as long as the really expensive stuff but for $8 it’s great!”


Kmart recently also dropped an OXX Cosmetics dupe of the whole Sol De Janeiro line sending shoppers into an absolute spin. The sell-out range includes creams, mists, body butters and fragrances.

Shoppers are saying the $8 dupes “smell EXACTLY the same” as the original $77 creams.

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