Kmart drops $8 version of $77 cult Bum Bum cream: 'Smells the same'

The new Kmart range bares a striking resemblance to the popular Sol de Janeiro beauty products.

Kmart has just dropped their latest beauty dupe and it’s sending shoppers into an absolute spin.

It’s no secret that beauty brand Sol De Janeiro's Brazilian Bum Bum cream, sold at Mecca, is one of the most sought-after products on the market and a huge hit with Instagram influencers.

So when Kmart recently dropped an OXX Cosmetics dupe of the whole Sol De Janeiro line including creams, mists, body butters and fragrances it’s no real surprise that shoppers are racing to get their hands on it.

Social media is already abuzz with excitement over the new range with prices starting from $8.

“We need to see if these live up to the real thing!” One excited shopper commented on a Kmart fan Facebook page after news of the new line dropped.

Kmart sol de janeiro beauty dupe (left) and a woman holds up the original product and the Kmart dupe for comparison (right).
Kmart shoppers are racing into stores to test out the Sol De Janeiro beauty dupe for themselves. Photo: Kmart/TikTok/@ohthecrystalchandeliers

“Kmart's bum bum cream!” another excitedly exclaimed with another saying “These would be cool if they lived up to the real thing!”

The dupes include a version of the Brazilian Bum Bum Cream which retails for $77 and the Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 62 Perfume Mist which retails for $61.

The new Kmart range products are $8 each with body packs also available for $16.

Fears new dupes may run out soon

Shoppers are already excitedly searching for them in store with stock saying it is already sold out on the Kmart website.

“I ran to Kmart and they were unpacking them,” one person confirmed on TikTok.

Kmart sol de janeiro beauty dupe
While the product line has only just dropped, initial reviews say it's a pretty good dupe. Source: TikTok/@ohthecrystalchandeliers and TikTok/@quin.cameron

“Just a heads up they are pretty much sold out everywhere,” another person said on Facebook.

But those lucky enough to get their hands on them were already giving glowing reviews saying that they were definitely worth the money.


“Click and collected mine yesterday. They smell EXACT and the pink one doesn’t just vanish into nothing. You won’t regret buying them. Like I’m literally telling EVERYONE,” one excited shopper shared on a TikTok video about the product drop.

Kmart Sol De Janeiro beauty dupe (left) and the original product (right).
The Kmart OXX Fragrance Beach Bliss Summer Solstice Body Mist reportedly smells very similar to the Sol De Janeiro body mist. Source: Kmart/Mecca

“Kmart never fails,” another added of the seemingly convincing dupe.

For those who can’t spot them in their local Kmart just yet, shoppers have said they have also found the range being stocked in Target after the store began stocking Kmart products such as Anko and OXX Cosmetics.

“I just found the cutest gift sets in Target today…for those that are interested they are like Sol De Janeiro dupes,” TikToker @ohthecrystalchandeliers told her followers after sharing the recently added three-piece beauty packs which include three of the new products.

“This set smells so similar to this Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 62 Perfume Mist - it’s a pretty good dupe,” she added of the Beach Bliss body mist.

Kmart Sol De Janeiro beauty dupe (left) the original product (right).
Kmart shoppers are racing in store to find out if their latest beauty range (left) is a match for the original Sol De Janeiro Bum Bum Cream (right). Photo: Kmart/Mecca

“It’s not exactly the same, the scent is a little bit different… but really similar. It’s an amazing dupe.”

The TikToker trialled the Coconut Waves scented products which is a mix of coconut, hazelnut and vanilla and the Beach Bliss range which includes caramel, almond and vanilla.

Kmart isn’t the first to dupe the popular Bum Bum Cream with Aldi also offering up a version of the cult beauty buy during their summer Special Buys.

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