Mum's 'clever' Kmart tidying hack with unusual $11 item: 'Love it!'

A savvy mum has turned to Kmart after getting sick of finding her children’s stationery around her house.

Stacey Phillips created a system to keep her kitchen neat and tidy using some very unlikely items.

L: Kmart store sign R: Set of three canisters in a turntable filled with children's stationery
The mum decided to create something to clean up the mess in her house with help from Kmart. Photo: Getty & Facebook

The mum opted to use a set of three coffee canisters she had purchased for $11 to hold pencils and textas.

Choosing to combine the canisters with Kmart’s $22 Bamboo Storage Turntable, Stacey created the perfect storage solution.


Posting some photos of her ‘clever’ hack on a popular Facebook group, the mum explained how she came up with the idea.

“I was sick of the kids’ pencils etc being spread across the kitchen table and left there all the time. I wanted a station that could turn and easily be removed come meal times. So, I compiled this Kmart hack for $33!” she began.

“Also the coffee canisters hold more pencils/textas than normal pencil cups. No more pencils scattered across the table and on the floor!”

L: Coffee canisters in a turntable filled with stationery. R: Set of three sage canisters on a white background
Her idea to use coffee canisters was a 'clever' idea. Photo: Facebook & Kmart

It wasn’t long before other mums were planning to steal the idea for their own homes.

“I love this. What a great idea. Will have to do this for my daughter,” one mum wrote.

“I was literally looking for something like this two days ago!!” another commented.

“I’m so stealing this idea! I have the same problem, textas all over the dining table! Lol,” a third chimed in.

“I love this idea, I’m going to do this for all my scrapbooking bits and pieces,” another added.

However, there were some parents who were sceptical about kids putting their stationery away when they were done.

“Looks great! My kids would still manage to have them scattered everywhere,” one pointed out.

“Can almost guarantee them devils will spread them across the floor…kids,” another added.

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