Kmart shopper completely transforms room with $10 item: 'Looks amazing'

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A Kmart shopper has completely transformed her lounge room using the budget retailer’s $10 white chalk paint.

Morwenna Croft shared photos of her finished handiwork on a popular Kmart Facebook group, saying that her brick walls were dark and needed a bit of sprucing up. She didn’t completely cover the bricks, choosing a shabby-chic style instead.

“Kmart white chalk paint was an easy, inexpensive solution to brighten my dark brick lounge room. The wall is bigger than what’s shown in the pics [so] I used two tins,” she wrote. “Very happy with the result.”

Two photos of lounge decor with bricks painted white using Kmart's chalk paint
The Kmart chalk paint really brightened up the room. Photo: Supplied

The Kmart fan told Yahoo Lifestyle she had seen the “German schmear” look on house renovation shows such as Fixer Upper and loved the style.

“I did a bit of research [and it] all seemed a bit daunting,” she said. “Then I just had a brainwave that the Kmart chalk paint may suit. It’s thick, already had a chalky plaster-type look and feel.”

She did a few test swatches on an outside brick wall that’s mostly hidden from view and decided to take the plunge.

“Money’s a bit tight, my brown brick walls were depressing and needed an update. So I just went for it. It took a few days to do the two walls but I stopped and started – it was about 10 hours [of work in] total,” she added.”

A can of Kmart's decor and furniture paint chalk finish white paint on a white background
This chalk finish paint is affordable and easy to use. Photo: Kmart

One of Morwenna’s family members told her not to do this, saying it looked “horrible”, but changed their tune once they saw the final result. “They said, ‘I’m glad you didn’t listen to me, it looks amazing, like something out of a magazine’,” she recalled.

Kmart sells a 500ml can of white decor chalk paint for $10 or a 250ml container of white decor chalk paint for $7, and there are other colours including sage, pink and black.


For those wanting to replicate Morwenna’s look at home, she said you need to give your bricks and grout a good brush to get rid of cobwebs, loose grout or other dirt.

Next, use the paint straight from the tin – you don’t need to water it down at all. She used two paintbrushes, a thinner brush over the grout lines first, and then a wider brush to paint the face of the bricks.

Two photos of dark brick walls with white paint on them
The Kmart fan began by painting the grout, before moving onto the brick faces. Photo: Supplied

She recommends doing the brick faces lightly at first because you can always add extra paint if you need it, but you can’t remove it once it’s on.

Your brushstrokes should be rough instead of smooth, and you can add extra blobs in spots to give it a rustic and plaster effect.

The post proved popular, with many Kmart fans wanting to try the painting trick out for themselves.

“It looks truly amazing,” one person wrote. “Good job. Just love it!”


“I love it, want to do ours now but I don’t think my husband would be up for it. I’m going to try and talk him into it,” another admitted.

“That looks so much better – plain paint doesn’t look good on brick in my opinion, but that chalk paint looks great,” a third remarked.

“Looks fantastic! You have given me inspiration as we have a brick wall in the lounge room which is well past its use-by date,” another added.

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