Shopper shocked by Kmart's major mistake: 'They’re useless’

It happens more often than you'd think.

A Kmart shopper has shared her bittersweet experience with the budget retailer after first nabbing a bargain but then receiving it in a package in terrible condition.

While she managed to nab a Wave Decor Bowl for just $5, it didn’t make it to her in one piece. She shared two photos of the broken item in a popular Facebook group, with the “fragile” tape visible.

“When your ‘fragile’ package from Kmart finally arrives… but like this. To repair or not to repair? I was lucky enough to score this at a bargain $5, so probably not worth the effort to return,” she wrote in the caption.

Another customer previously ordered the same bowl from Kmart, and the “exact thing happened” to her item.

A broken Kmart wave bowl in bubble wrap
The Kmart bowl came in not one, not two, but five broken pieces. Photo: Facebook/Kmart Hacks & Decor

Most Kmart fans recommended she return the item for a refund, but one shopper had a creative idea – using the Japanese art of Kintsugi. It involves gluing a broken ceramic piece back together with gold glue to look more like a work of art or deliberate design.

“See if you can find glue that is gold in colour, maybe [at a] hardware store,” they wrote. “Then glue it back together. I’ve done this before with a white bowl and it looks pretty cool and unique.”


Other shoppers share their Kmart packing disasters

The unlucky Kmart shopper isn’t the only person who has received a broken package from Kmart, with many others sharing their own horror stories.

“They’re useless,” one person said. “I had four orders from them this year for various things and three out of four parcels were smashed up inside.”

White Kmart wave bowl on a white background.
The Kmart wave bowl the shopper expected. Photo: Kmart

“Kmart needs to learn how to pack properly. I have had so many deliveries arrive broken, paint tins placed in a box 10 times the size of paint tin with no wrapping – the paint exploded en route. Kmart needs to get its act together. I now only buy things online that cannot break,” another lamented.


“Mine arrived with the box half opened and all but one item missing because their tape doesn’t stick. They’re going to ‘report my feedback’,” a third remarked.

“I had a similar situation with pot plants just in a large box with other items and not enough packing around them. Then the courier had not paid attention to ‘this way up’ and dropped the box as well I think. The box was delivered open! I just took photos and emailed and they refunded my money straight away. I got to keep the broken pots and I just bought more,” another said.

Kmart responds to package complaint

A Kmart spokesperson has responded to Yahoo Lifestyle Australia's questions about what happened to the package by saying in a written statement: "Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do".


"We have shared this example with our online team who will continue to review alongside our stores and delivery partners," the spokesperson said.

"We encourage any customer who experiences an issue to reach out to our customer service team directly so that we can resolve."

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