Kmart announces big changes in all stores

The budget retailer has dropped prices on more than 1,000 products.

At a time when rising costs and financial pressures have become everyday challenges for Aussie families, Kmart is dropping prices on over 1,000 essential items across homewares, beauty, toys, entertainment and kids' apparel — and the good news is, the reduced prices are here to stay.

Kmart store and carpark
Kmart is reducing prices on over 1,000 essential items, spanning homewares, beauty, toys, entertainment, and kids' apparel. Photo: Getty

While many retailers have raised prices due to increased supplier costs, Kmart boasts the ability to design their own products and leverage their scale and sourcing capabilities, collaborating directly with global partners to keep costs low and pass on the savings.


Here's where you can save

The permanent price reductions represent substantial savings for customers and encompass a wide range of everyday essentials and customer favourites, including some of the retailer's most popular products and cult buys.

Kmart customers will now be able to find their favourite products at newly reduced prices both in-store and online. Here are just some of the reduced prices:


  • 2000W Bagless Vacuum $49 (was $52)

  • Honor Sage DB quilt cover set $40 (was $45)

  • Leo table lamp $12 (was $15)

  • Tapered basket with lining $10 (was $15)

  • 4-piece cookware set $29 (was $32)

Honor Sage DB quilt cover set
The Honor Sage DB quilt cover set has been dropped from $45 to $40 as part of the permanent price reductions. Photo: Kmart


  • Construction activity table $39 (was $49)

  • Tabletop vanity $12 (was $20)

  • PA boot shakin’ pups $9 (was $12)

  • 5 pack crew socks $5.50 (was $7)


  • Lustre lipsticks - $2 (was $2.25)

  • Black LED Mirror $10 (was $12)

  • Fragrance free wipes 80pk. $1.50 (was $1.75)

  • 200 Pack Organic Cotton Pads $2 (was $2.25)


"Now more than ever Australian families are really relying on Kmart, and we want to be there for them as much as we can during these tough times," said Kmart CEO John Gualtieri.

"Dropping the price of these 1,000+ products means that our customers can afford the things that they need, but also the things that they deserve, and we are committed to maintaining a relentless focus on keeping costs low for our customers."

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