Kmart shoppers flock to the budget retailer for 'beautiful' bedroom item: 'So pretty'

Kmart customers are raving about this duvet cover that comes in two colours and multiple sizes

Kmart lovers are flocking to the discount retailer in search of a $55 quilt cover that customers are obsessing over.

One delighted shopper recently took to a popular Kmart Home Decor Facebook group to share a glimpse of her impeccably styled bedroom, featuring the coveted quilt cover set.

"I have fallen in love" the woman wrote, confessing that even though she regularly swaps out her bed linen, she hasn't been tempted to buy a new one since purchasing the pretty Kmart cover.

Makena Cotton Quilt Cover Set
The Kmart Makena sheet set is going viral online: Photo: Facebook/Kmart Home Decor & Hacks Australia

Excited customers lit up the comments section of the thread with fellow group members praising the gorgeous tan colour of the duvet and expressing their admiration for the overall aesthetic.

"So pretty," one person wrote, while another added, "love everything about this!"


"I got this one at Christmas time and it's still my favourite! So beautiful and soft," chimed in another.

The Makena Cotton Quilt Cover Set is available for shoppers in tan, priced at $55 for the King Size. The same cover in the mineral colour is currently on clearance, offered at a discounted price of $39. Both colours are also available in Single Size, Queen Size and Super King.

The quilt cover has been generating quite a buzz on social media, making appearances in multiple Facebook groups focused on home decor and budget-friendly styling.

Numerous group members have eagerly shared their unique ways of styling the linen in their own bedrooms.

Kmart tan coloured Makena Quilt cover styled in bedrooms
Social media users are sharing how they have styled the affordable Kmart quilt cover. Photos: Facebook/Kmart Hacks & Decor
Kmart Mackena quilt styled in bedrooms
"Kmart have certainly gone up in style," one group member commented. Photos: Facebook/Kmart Hacks & Decor
Kmart quilt in a bedroom
Kmart lovers have rushed to share their styling suggestions for the coveted duvet. Photo: Facebook/Target, Kmart & Big W Inspired Decor & Hacks

For those interested, this simple yet elegant set is made from cotton and includes two pillowcases along with the quilt cover.

A handful of positive reviews can be found on the Kmart website, with several buyers attesting that it exudes the look and feel of a much more expensive set.

Makena Quilt in King Size retails for $55 at Kmart.
The Makena Quilt from Kmart also comes in Super King, as pictured. Photo: Facebook/Kmart Hacks & Decor

However it's not all sunshine and rainbows, with some sharing the bedspread didn't fare quite so well after a few washes.

Several group members expressed concerns about the durability of the cover, sharing instances of fading, fraying around the seams, and discolouration.

"Has anyone else had any issues with their Makena quilt set?" One person asked, sharing an image of their own cover looking worse for wear and frayed around the edges.

Kmart sheets
Several customers also shared their disappointment with the quality of the quilt cover. Photo: Facebook/Kmart Hacks & Decor

"Ours turned yellow after washing it," one dissatisfied user chimed in, with another agreeing "Mine faded really badly after the first wash."

"Mine was frayed at both top corners" someone else mentioned, indicating potential quality issues that left some customers disappointed.

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