Kate Ritchie opens up about surprising career decision: 'Really hard'

Kate Ritchie has opened up about her surprising decision to step away from her radio career for the rest of the year.

The former Home and Away actress, who has been hosting Nova’s national drive show since 2014, announced last month that she would be taking a break from Kate, Tim & Joel but will return in the new year.

Kate Ritchie.
Kate Ritchie has revealed the real reason behind her decision to step away from her radio career for the rest of the year. Photo: Instagram/kateritchieofficial

Speaking with Kidspot editor Melissa Wilson and former MAFS star Jules Robinson on the latest episode of The Juggling Act podcast, Kate admitted it was difficult stepping away from her work to take time for herself.

“It was a really hard decision because I’ve been working since I was an eight-year-old child and I think that I thrive by having a schedule every day,” she revealed.

“I’m not good at just sitting with myself I’ve realised. And I have done so many great things this year, but it was just time to actually have confidence in saying, ‘This is what I need and this is ok’.”


The Australia’s Got Talent host went on to share that she was “worried” about what the public would think about her taking a break, despite the fact she knew she needed to “slow down”.

“The thing is, I’m not going anywhere,” she added. “And I suppose I’m in a very fortunate position that Nova has been completely supportive. They are completely supportive and generous with saying, ‘If this is what you need, we want you back in 2023 so go and do it’.”

Tim Blackwell, Kate Ritchie and Joel Creasey.
Kate promised that she will return to the airwaves in 2023. Photo: Nova

‘Hectic year’

Kate announced her “short break” in a statement from Nova last month, telling fans that she needs to take some time for herself and her family following a “hectic year”.

“As you may have guessed, I invest a lot of emotional energy into everything I do, my work, and my family especially and the last few months I have been working on radio, I’ve been returning to TV and in my spare time, I even wrote a children’s book,” she said.


“So, it’s simple, like some of you, I imagine, I’m tired and I just need a break for a short while and have more time for me, and for my family to re-energise. I have spoken with the bosses at Nova, and they have graciously agreed that this is a good time to take the break, as we approach the end of the year.”

Since then, it was announced during Channel Seven’s Upfronts event that Kate would make her return to acting in the upcoming series The Claremont Murders, which has already completed filming in Perth.

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