Kate Ritchie makes shock announcement about her future in radio

She’s been hosting Nova’s national drive show since 2014, but on Thursday Kate Ritchie surprised her fans with an announcement regarding her career in the radio industry.

The former Home and Away star, 43, revealed in an emotional Instagram post that she would be stepping away from Kate, Tim & Joel following a “hectic year”, but will return in 2023.

Kate Ritchie.
Kate Ritchie has announced that she will be taking a short break from her radio show Kate, Tim & Joel. Photo: Instagram/kateritchieofficial

“As some of you may have heard from me on the show today, this past year has been hectic for my family and I. I have had much change, like many of you, in a short space of time and it has taken its toll,” she wrote.

“So I’ve made the decision to take a short break to have more time for myself and my family to re-energise. I am so proud that our Nova show, with Tim [Blackwell] and Joel [Creasey] and the team, is just powering along, going from strength to strength. We love you, our listeners and you seem to put up with us!”


Kate went on to promise that the break would only be temporary and she will return to the radio show in the new year.

“Thank you to the team, to Nova and to all of our fabulous listeners for your support and understanding,” she continued.

“Although it’s only going to be for a short time, I will miss you all… See you for a game of Quick Draw in 2023!”

Tim Blackwell, Kate Ritchie and Joel Creasey.
Kate promised that she will return to the radio show in 2023. Photo: Nova

‘I’m tired’

In her full statement online, which she also shared on her radio show, the Australia’s Got Talent judge detailed the “incredibly hectic and full on” year she’s had.

“As you may have guessed, I invest a lot of emotional energy into everything I do, my work, and my family especially and the last few months I have been working on radio, I’ve been returning to TV and in my spare time, I even wrote a children’s book,” she said.

“So, it’s simple, like some of you, I imagine, I’m tired and I just need a break for a short while and have more time for me, and for my family to re-energise. I have spoken with the bosses at Nova, and they have graciously agreed that this is a good time to take the break, as we approach the end of the year.”

Nova Entertainment CEO Peter Charlton also shared a statement in support of Kate, describing her as “a talented broadcaster and a respected member of the Kate, Tim & Joel and Nova Network team”.

“We are very supportive of Kate’s decision to take some time for herself and her family. We look forward to welcoming her back in the New Year.”

Kate Ritchie and her daughter.
‘I’m tired and I just need a break for a short while and have more time for me, and for my family to re-energise.’ Photo: Instagram/kateritchieofficial

‘Take care of yourself’

Kate’s Instagram post was quickly flooded with positive comments, including messages of support from her famous followers such as Melissa Doyle, Zoe Marshall and Megan Gale.

“Will miss hearing you for a while but good on you for looking after yourself,” one fan wrote, while another added, “Take care of yourself with love and kindness and the rest will follow”.

“I will miss that infectious laugh of yours. Will look forward to hearing you again on the airwaves. Look after yourself and enjoy your break,” a third shared.

The mother-of-one only recently returned to Kate, Tim & Joel following a short break after she was fined for drink driving in late August.

Kate’s breath analysis reading was 0.06, which is only slightly over the legal limit of 0.05.

She addressed the mistake in an Instagram statement, writing: “Recently I undertook a random breath test. Although it was low level, the test came back positive.

“I made a poor decision and there is no doubt I understand the seriousness of my actions. I am truly sorry, Kate.”

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