Johanna Griggs reveals hidden detail in 'stunning' transformation: 'I did laugh'

Better Homes and Gardens' Johanna Griggs has opened up about her 'gorgeous' blunt fringe.

Better Homes and Gardens legend Johanna Griggs has spoken out about her transformation, saying it took people 10 months before they realised.

Back in May, the 49-year-old took to her Instagram to upload a stunning snap of her glam make-up look on the set of Better Homes & Gardens.

Johanna Griggs with a fringe and makeup
Joh thanked her glam squad in a candid selfie. Photo: Instagram/Johanna Griggs

“Who needs a filter when your make up artist snaps a quick pic with a phone with a dirty lens,” she wrote.

“Have been having an absolute ball in the central west for @bhgaus these past few days. Can’t wait to share these stories with you soon on Better Homes.”

Joh’s 100,000 social media followers immediately began to comment on the photo, with one person writing: “Loving that blunt fringe on you, so cool.”


“Those bangs!! Yassss Queen!!” another person wrote, while another said: "Stunning".

Others agreed, with one follower saying: “Wowsers...Gone 20 years the other direction..... Looking more younger than usual!”

Now, Joh has revealed that she was actually sporting that haircut for nearly a year before people noticed.

“I did laugh about that, we got the giggles because the poor guy who cut my hair did it like 10 months before,” she told 7Entertainment.

“So, I just said to him, ‘Look, if you really want to know how irrelevant you are in the world, cut your hair and it takes people 10 months to notice!’”

She also addresses claims online that she may have had 'work done' due to the blurry nature of the picture.

“The truth is, my makeup artist Lisa took the photo and the camera had a dirty lens, that’s all,” she said.

“She was like, ‘I took the photo! I took the photo! It was just a dirty lens!’”

Johanna Griggs in a white shirt
The beloved 7 star. Photo: Instagram/Johanna Griggs

It’s been a tough few months for Joh, whose husband, Todd, went through a health scare at the end of last year after going into hospital for ‘two simple surgeries’ to remove Basal cell carcinoma skin cancer.

“Became a bit more complicated when the wound became infected,” Joh wrote on Instagram at the time.

“A hospital stint and another operation were in order. He’s back home now and not allowed to do anything but rest and keep that wound clear of anything and everything until it heals! Poor Buggar!”


The couple celebrated 17 years married at the end of November after marrying in a romantic ceremony in 2005.

Joh has two children and one five-year-old grandchild, whom she absolutely dotes over.

Speaking to 7Life in February, Joh gushed over the adorable boy saying: “He turns five in March and he’s just the light of our lives”.

“It is so nice to have a little kid (around) again. It just makes everyone get so involved on a different level.

“It’s so exciting and he’s such a little bright spark”.

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