Home and Away's Kawakawa Fox-Reo 'unrecognisable' in resurfaced clips: 'Omg'

Kawakawa Fox-Reo played Nikau Parata from 2020 to 2023.

Kawakawa Fox-Reo shot to fame in Australia as Nikau Parata on Home and Away, spending three years on the iconic soap. The Māori actor is known for his short and tidy hairstyle, but he sported a range of interesting haircuts before he settled on his current look.

In a Twitch live stream, the 25-year-old showed fans some early clips from drama school as well as some audition self-tapes. In clips from 2016, the star is almost unrecognisable, sporting a long mullet and putting on a cockney British accent.

Kawakawa Fox-Reo as Nikau Parata on Home and Away
Kawakawa Fox-Reo spent three years on Home and Away. Photo: Seven

When introducing the clips, he couldn’t help but laugh and warned fans that he wasn't an established actor as a teenager.

“They’re pretty funny. Like I was watching them back today and I was cracking up. Some of them are very s**t,” he quipped.

Kawakawa was filmed acting out an intense scene from In Bruges in an “aggressive” way. His hair was slicked back in a curly mullet, and he wore a navy suit, white shirt and dark blue tie.

His fans couldn’t help but comment on the hair, with one joking that it looked “nice”.


“Now that was one of the first things that I noticed when I watched this video bro,” Kawakawa responded. “So the first note that I have is boom, new haircut…the accent is dogs**t and it’s kind of funny. And the hair and the pimply face bro, yeah,” he added, before bursting into laughter.

Kawakawa Fox-Reo at drama school
The soap star looked completely different in the resurfaced video. Photo: Twitch/maorihokage

Another said he looked “fresh-faced” and mentioned that the accent reminded them of Harry Potter.

“It’s kind of like the budget version of Harry Potter though,” the star pointed out.

In another clip from drama school, Kawakawa was seen performing a scene from There Will Be Blood. He seemed to be trying out a new hairstyle, with his curly hair framing his face. He wore a checkered shirt paired with a grey cardigan.

Kawakawa Fox-Reo at drama school
Kawakawa tackled a famous Daniel Day-Lewis scene as part of drama school. Photo: Twitch/maorihokage

Fans went wild over the clip, with a few people comparing him to pop star Harry Styles.

“Ok, now you look like Harry Styles back then,” one pointed out.

“Omg, I’ve never laughed so hard,” another added.

“Your hair back then reminds me of Harry Styles when One Direction first debuted,” a third chimed in.

“This is the best thing I’ve seen in my entire life,” another remarked.

Kawakawa Fox-Reo with a buzz cut
Fans loved Kawakawa's buzz cut. Photo: Twitch/maorihokage


Finally, Kawakawa showed another scene where he sported a buzz cut, similar to Home and Away character Logan Bennett's (Harley Bonner) hairstyle.

“You look like you’re going to the army,” a fan observed.

“I’m loving the different phases of hairstyles,” another added.

“The hair gets me all the time,” a third wrote.

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