Logies 2022: Stars share their favourite TV moments of the year

The TV WEEK Logie Awards are back in full swing after a two-year hiatus, with Australia’s biggest names attending The Star on the Gold Coast for TV’s night of nights.

Yahoo Lifestyle reported live on the red carpet on Sunday evening and caught up with the celebrities in attendance, who each revealed their favourite TV moments from the past year.

Channel Seven’s Johanna Griggs, whose series Better Homes and Gardens was nominated for Best Popular Lifestyle Program, tells us that one of her highlights was the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games.

“If I never did anything else, I would happily host Paralympics for the rest of my life, or just work behind the scenes on it,” she says. “I just loved every second of it.”


The Block’s Shaynna Blaze remarks that one of her favourite TV moments has to be winning last year’s season of Celebrity Apprentice.

“My friends asked me, ‘Did you enjoy it?’ and I said yeah, once it was over,” she laughs.

“It was really hard because everyone went there with their A-game, everyone was out of lockdown, everyone wanted to win and everyone there was for their charity, and there were so many good hearts that wanted to fight hard. That’s why it was hard.”

While she admits she has “PTSD” and hasn’t been watching this year’s season, she’s hopeful that NRL legend Benji Marshall will take out the crown.

“If anyone’s going to win, I think it’s Benji,” she says. “That’s just me, I have no idea, but he’s playing a really kind game and that’s where I come from.”

The Block’s Shaynna Blaze at the Logies.
Shaynna Blaze wants Benji Marshall to win Celebrity Apprentice. Photo: Getty

SAS Australia’s Ant Middleton, who has recently been announced as the host of Channel Seven’s upcoming show Million Dollar Island, tells us that his favourite part of Australian TV is the “personalities”.

“You’re so laid back over here, you’ve got this 'don't care’ sort of attitude and you go in all guns blazing, which I really love,” he says. “I really love the attitude and the outlook that the Australian people have.”

He also confesses that he’s quite nervous to run into a few of the celebrities on the red carpet who have starred on SAS Australia.

“I’m pretty scared actually because they’re all looking at me as if to say, ‘This is our time to get revenge on you’,” he shares.

“So I'm going to keep my wits about me and just get on with the night. But there are a lot of the recruits here who are now friends, so hopefully, we can have a different environment, let our hair down a bit and enjoy the night.”

SAS Australia’s Ant Middleton at the Logies.
‘I really love the attitude and the outlook that the Australian people have.’ Photo: Getty

MasterChef’s Andy Allen teases that his favourite TV moment of the year is still to come, with the cooking competition about to head into its final few weeks.

“We’re down to Top 9 on MasterChef and there's one episode in particular which is at the juicy end of the competition, it’s a doozy,” he says.

Janine Allis has a similar answer, hinting that the next two episodes of Celebrity Apprentice will be incredible because they are “crazy emotional”

“I actually think they will be the best moments in TV for the year because it is that good,” she says. “I know I’m biased, but seriously it’s that good.”

Gold-Logie nominee Sonia Kruger, who has starred on a number of Channel Seven shows in the past year, tells us that The Voice has been one of her biggest highlights.

“It’s just always such a joy to work with those coaches, they’re awesome,” she says. “I’m very lucky. Every day I do count my blessings because I know that I’m privileged to host these shows.”

Sonia Kruger at the Logies.
‘Every day I do count my blessings because I know that I’m privileged to host these shows.’ Photo: Getty

Married At First Sight was definitely one of the most popular shows on TV this year, and Sophie Monk admits she was a big fan.

“I did watch MAFS, I was addicted,” she gushes. “It was so good.”

The show’s breakout star Domenica Calarco agrees that this year’s season was one of the most memorable, telling us: “We had everything on there and I think if that’s not iconic, I don’t know what is.”

The TV bride also says she “definitely” wouldn’t want to return to the experiment in a future season, and asserts she’s “moved on to bigger and better things”.

“We’re all doing our own thing now and Ella and I have our podcast which is number one on Spotify,” she details. “That’s something that we want to focus on and everything else is all in the past now.”

Meanwhile, Ella Ding shares that her favourite TV moment of the year was watching her wedding with Mitchell Eynaud - who she insists she has no bad blood with.

“It would never be awkward if I saw Mitch on the Gold Coast,” she says. “We’re amicable, all is good. Good vibes only.”

MAFS stars at the Logies.
‘I feel like MAFS in its entirety was a whole iconic Australian TV moment. We had everything on there and I think if that’s not iconic, I don’t know what is.’ Photo: Supplied

Fellow MAFS star Brent Vitiello says that one of the most enjoyable TV scenes of the year was his brutal farewell to his ‘wife’ Tamara Djordjevic on the show.

“Honestly, I don’t mean to sound conceited, but my final vows were my favourite moment. It was fun to watch,” he shares.

And while things didn’t end up too well for them as a couple, he says he’d be keen to see Tamara in her city of residence on the Gold Coast while he's visiting.

“Look, I’d be more than happy to see Tamara and say hi,” he admits. “I kind of hope we do, I’d run up to her and just give her a big hug, I really would. But no, I don’t think we will.”

“There’s no bad blood between us and our ‘wives’,” Al Perkins, who was married to Samantha Moitzi, adds. “I’d be happy to catch up with them if they reach out.”

“Maybe we’ll invite them to the afterparty, who knows!” Brent laughs.

Sophie Dillman at the Logies.
‘There have been some incredible moments on our show which we got to do and succeeded in filming that have felt really fantastic.’ Photo: Getty

Home and Away actress Sophie Dillman says that she’s most proud of her cast’s hard work over the past year, telling us: “There have been some incredible moments on our show which we got to do and succeeded in filming that have felt really fantastic.”

“Especially having to work through Covid and everything,” her co-star and real-life partner Patrick O’Connor adds. “To see that finally go to air and to show that even amongst all of those tough conditions, we can still put up a show, was pretty great.”

Natalie Bassingthwaite says her favourite show this year was ABC’s Space 22, while Sunrise’s Sam Mac reveals that one of his favourite TV moments was the Socceroos making the World Cup.

“I probably shouldn’t say that because it’s not on our network, but it was so good,” he laughs. “I was watching it early the morning in between my segments on Sunrise. That was a big highlight.”

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