Jessika Power shares her thoughts on latest MAFS drama: 'It's fun'

Jessika Power is the latest person to weigh in on this week’s major feud amongst the Married At First Sight 2022 cast, which kicked off on Tuesday following the announcement that Domenica Calarco will host her own spin-off show.

The web series, which features Dom interviewing her co-stars about their lives post-show, was met with backlash from a number of participants who accused Channel Nine of favouritism and argued that they should’ve selected someone who has more friendships within the group.

MAFS' Jessika Power.
Jessika Power has shared her thoughts on the latest drama amongst the MAFS cast. Photo: Instagram/jessika_power

Abbie Chatfield then got involved and labelled the critics as “jealous”, leading to a number of people clapping back and speaking out about their alleged experiences with Dom, who then threatened legal action against them.

Taking to her Instagram Story on Wednesday, Jessika shared her honest opinion on the drama while answering questions from her followers.

“You can’t really sit there and say everyone’s jealous when you just really don’t know,” she said.

“I just think, you know, let people have their moment. Domenica got chosen to do this and that’s fricken awesome. That’s so good and all power to her. Let her have her moment.”

Jessika argued that Dom was chosen for the role because she “got more airtime, is classy, and has a sort of cutthroat view on things” - similar to her season six co-star Martha Kalifatidis who landed a similar hosting gig after the show.


She went on to say that the participants can fight and call each other out as much as they want on social media, but it will likely have an impact on their careers.

“You need to also remember that if you want to continue working in the media industry, you need to work with the networks,” she explained. “I mean, I think Domenica’s doing a great job.

“I am friends with Carolina [Santos] and Tamara [Djordjevic]. I’m not throwing any shade at them whatsoever, I think they are beautiful girls and I love them. But yeah, it’s just what happens after TV.”

MAFS' Jessika Power on her Instagram Stories.
‘If you want to continue working in the media industry, you need to work with the networks’. Photos: Instagram/jessika_power

‘It’s fun’

In a separate Instagram Story, the 31-year-old responded to a fan who labelled MAFS drama as “boring”.

“I genuinely don’t think it’s boring,” she said. “I think people do enjoy waking up in the morning and reading the drama.

“I mean, at the best, it’s entertaining because what do you want to watch, the news? Boring! You want to watch who’s arguing with who… It’s funny. I know that sounds really bad but it is, it’s car crash TV and it’s fun.”

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