Jackie O's wild sex confession about fan shocks Kyle Sandilands

The radio host revealed she once got intimate with someone who turned out to be a "super fan".

Kyle and Jackie O.
Kyle and Jackie O.

Jackie O Henderson has shocked co-host Kyle Sandilands with some X-rated confessions about her dating life, with the usually private radio star opening up about an encounter with a fan that she deemed "off-putting".

With the radio duo debuting their show in Melbourne earlier this week, little was left to the imagination as they gave their new Victorian fans a sneak peek into their personal lives.

On their premiere day, after saying it was a "big day" for the duo, Kyle introduced himself to new listeners as a "coke-sniffing asshole" and "ex-f**k boy", while Jackie confirmed that she was "STI free".

But things got more rogue from there, as Jackie O revealed some X-rated personal details that fans often don't get to hear, admitting she had started dating a fan of the show but things didn't go quite as she had hoped.

Jackie O Henderson
Radio host Jackie O: Photo: KIIS FM

“He was a really big fan of the show. I don’t mind that, if they listen to the show, I think that is good... I like that,” she said about the unnamed man.


She then went on to reveal however something happened during an intimate moment that left her off-put.

“It turns out he was a super fan," she admitted. "Halfway through sex, he says, ‘I can’t believe I’m having sex with Jackie O.'"

Jackie O detailed an awkward sexual experience while on-air. Photo: KIIS FM
Jackie O detailed an awkward sexual experience while on-air. Photo: KIIS FM

The man then said having sex with the radio star made him feel like "he was in a dream", and while Jackie O did say it was "off-putting" she deemed him a sweet guy. “It was so sweet. He was the sweetest guy,” she said.


When Kyle inquired if it was hard dating as "a famous person" Jackie said it wasn't the case. “I forget that part," she said. "I’m just the same as them. You’re vulnerable. You meet someone there’s so much pressure."

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