Jackie O clashes with MAFS' Harrison Boon live on air: 'Double standards'

Radio host Jackie O has called out former MAFS groom Harrison Boon for his controversial viewpoints on 'unmarriable' women.

Aussie radio host Jackie O Henderson has clashed with former Married At First Sight participant Harrison Boon after his controversial Instagram video where he labelled women from his season of MAFS as "unmarriables".

Harrison appeared on The Kyle and Jackie O Show to talk more about his video, in which he alleges men hit their "peak value" later than women, as well as referring to women from the ages of 27-35 as being in the "danger zone" for marriage due to their biological clock.

Harrison said on the radio show that women's "expectations not aligning with reality" teamed with "low-value behaviour" were traits that would deem them as "unmarriable".

"For you?" Jackie asked, before Harrison said, "for everyone".

Jackie O and Harrison Boon
Jackie O clashed with Harrison Boon live on air this morning. Photo: Supplied

MAFS' Harrison's pivot to dating coach

Perhaps more bizarrely was the fact during the show Harrison was referred to as a "dating coach" which he clarified meant "subject matter expert on dating". While he wouldn't consider himself a relationship expert, he said he can help men "maximise their options".

When Jackie pressed Harrison on what traits made a girl unmarriable, he elaborated.

"One of them would be having a low opinion of men. If you want to be with a man, having a low opinion of men disqualifies you from attracting a high-value man, because what kind of high-value man will want to be with someone who has a low opinion of men?" Harrison asked.

Harrison Boon and Bronte Schofield
Harrison and Bronte Schofield were one of MAFS 2023's disaster couples. Photo: Nine

What is low-value behaviour?

"I think low-value behaviour from a man's point of view would be things like a high-body count," he continued, citing anything over 20-30 partners would count as entering the high-body count numbers.

"Lying, cheating, stealing, those kinds of behaviours," Harrison clarified.

Harrison then went on to say he gave the term "unmarriable" specifically to the women he was on Married At First Sight with, who later dragged the men they were with and labelled them "trash" or "rubbish."


"The men have moved on to happy relationships, but the women are still single," Harrison explained. "I'm not saying women are unmarriable at any age — I'm saying there are certain behaviours they are displaying that would prevent them from a high-value man wanting to marry them."

As the topic of Abbie Chatfield came up, with Harrison having also deemed her an 'unmarriable', Harrison tried to say because of Abbie's fame and the fact she's been in an open relationship that didn't work, he personally wouldn't date someone like Abbie (I'm sure she's upset) because of her public relationship history.

When Jackie pressed Harrison on his previous relationships that hadn't worked out — and whether this was a double standard — Harrison referred to some Google searches he did.

"I just think men and women, unfortunately — and I've got a study here in front of me that will show online dating habits — and they correlated what men and women's dating preferences were, and the true fact is that men's value increases over time if we refer to dating marketplace value. My value is a man is increasing, I'm 34 now, and I might not hit my peak sexual dating marketplace value until I hit late 40s, to 50."

Harrison now reportedly identifies as a dating coach. Photo: Nine
Harrison now reportedly identifies as a dating coach. Photo: Nine

Jackie calls Harrison out for double standards

Jackie then rebutted, telling Harrison that she doesn't understand why he considers himself high value if he (or any man) has had failed relationships and a high body count, while then seeing women who have the same traits/experiences as "low-value".

"It doesn't matter what the study says, you are just full of double standards, when it comes to what's expected of a woman and what's expected of a man," Jackie said. "Spreading that toxicity around perpetuates that label."


"Yes double standards exist," Harrison said. "That's just a fact. The fact is we don't shame women when they find older, rich men attractive because they want access to their resources."

"They get shamed all the time, those girls" Jackie pointed out. "Double standards exist, but why do you have to keep perpetuating the stuff we're trying to stop?" Jackie asked Harrison. "Double standards shouldn't exist."

Jackie O in studio
Jackie O called Harrison out for double standards. Photo: Supplied

"But they do, and shaming men for these double standards..." Harrison began before Jackie pointed out that he was the one who had been shaming women, and called him out for gaslighting.

"You're saying I'm the one shaming you, when you're the one in the wrong," Jackie said. "You confuse someone calling you out for bad behaviour with shaming men. It's not that. It's just saying why do we have to have double standards in this day and age?"

When Jackie then said Harrison was perpetuating the double standards and saying they were right, he disagreed and said he was merely "talking about" them.

"I'm not saying it's right or wrong, I'm simply saying they do exist and let's have the discussion."

As you can imagine the conversation goes on for some time, so you can listen to the full version here.

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