Jackie O roasts Kyle Sandilands on-air over $500,000 'mistake'

Fans agreed on social media that he had made the wrong decision.

Kyle Sandilands in front of his new $500,000 Mercedes-Maybach / Jackie 'O' Henderson.
Jackie ‘O’ Henderson has criticised Kyle Sandilands over his new $500,000 car. Photos: Instagram/kyleandjackieo

Kyle Sandilands has been called out by his co-host Jackie ‘O’ Henderson for swapping his Bentley with a $500,000 Mercedes-Maybach, which she described as “a soccer mum’s SUV”.

The 54-year-old shock jock announced on The Kyle and Jackie O Show earlier this month that he had purchased a new car because his Bentley’s headlight needed replacing and he didn’t want to fix it.

“I got the s**ts and just got a new car,” he shared. “Throw this s**t out. I reacted badly, found a new car, told [my manager] Bruno I want that car and it just appeared two days later.”


Kyle has now admitted he may have made a mistake purchasing his new vehicle after Jackie said he “didn’t look baller at all”.

“I saw you in traffic in that car, I looked at you in it and it just looked like you were driving some mum’s SUV,” she commented. “I was like, wow.”

“Regardless of the fact that I just look like a soccer mum, it now makes me drive like a soccer mum,” Kyle added, to which Jackie replied, “That was a big mistake then, wasn’t it?”.

In a video posted to the show’s official Instagram on Wednesday morning, Kyle said Jackie’s comment had made him contemplate selling the car.

“I thought, ‘Should I really have got rid of the other car just because the headlight went out?’,” he remarked. “Anyway, I don’t take Jackie’s fashion on council. Why would I?”

Kyle Sandilands in front of his new $500,000 Mercedes-Maybach.
A majority of fans agreed Kyle’s luxury vehicle looks like “a mum car”. Photos: Instagram/kyleandjackieo

Jackie clearly wasn’t the only person who thought Kyle’s purchase was an odd choice, with fans taking to the comments to agree that he looks like a “soccer mum”.

“You look like you should be behind me in the school drop off line on your way to get coffee with your friends,” one person wrote, while another added, “I’ve seen mums drive this at our school”.

“Sell it… looks like a mum car,” a third replied, followed by someone else who said, “Sorry Kyle but yes get rid of it! And I’m all about a Merc… but this is a no”.


Some people thought Jackie was “overreacting” and should keep the car, while others suggested he give it away on the show.

“I'll take it off your hands - I'm a mum that needs a big car,” a fan commented, with a different user writing, “If you don’t want it I will have it”.

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