Influencer shamed for 'entitled' wedding request: 'So rude'

The bride was slammed on social media for her behaviour.

A micro-influencer has been torn apart on social media after her ‘rude’ wedding request resurfaced on a popular Facebook group last week. In an email sent to a small wedding videography company, the bride-to-be asked for a photography and video package in exchange for 'exposure'.

The influencer’s manager Melissa approached Betrothed & Co, run by Frankie Lowe and Laura Dunning, saying that her “client” was “well known”, with over 55,000 followers across Facebook and Instagram. The manager promised to “extensively promote” the company’s business on the influencer’s platforms, but urged the videographers to respond immediately.

L: Bride and Groom walking down the aisle. R: Bride being photographed on her wedding day
A bride's 'entitled' request has gone viral. Photo: Getty

Frankie’s sister Sarah Jamieson-Lowe, explained that the bride was looking for not only a standard wedding videography and photography package, but also wanted a “documentary style” filming for two years of preparation, including dress fittings and other footage.

The influencer’s manager set out their terms clearly in the email, which would require a huge amount of work from Frankie and Laura.

“In the lead up to her wedding, beginning this summer, she would like a documentary style video (an hour long) and photos taken at bridal fittings which can be shared with her followers. On the day of the wedding, she would like a video documenting the whole day (must be 1 hour+ in length) and a package that includes approximately 1,000 photos,” she requested in the email.


“In exchange, she is willing to extensively promote your business to followers on Instagram and Facebook (combined amount of 55,000) including Story Shout Outs and will offer a discount of at least 25% on your packages.

“Just so you are aware, we have approached four other similar businesses in your area so a fast response will be beneficial to your business,” the manager finished.

An email from a bride requesting photos and videos for free from a videography company
The bride's 'rude' request resurfaced last week, with many sharing their outrage on social media. Photo: Facebook/That's it, I'm wedding shaming

Group members couldn’t believe the bride’s ‘audacity’, with many flooding the comment section in disbelief.

“I’m screeching at the fact that thinking 55K followers makes you at all relevant or noteworthy. Bare minimum to even be considered a micro-influencer in the first place, ah the entitlement,” one person wrote.

“So…she wants to not pay the photographer for an insane amount of work and time, AND she wants the photographer to offer their services to her followers at a discounted rate? Am I reading that right?” another asked in disbelief.


“55K combined followers, I’ve worked with many people with several hundred thousand followers and they don’t even ask this lol,” a third pointed out.

“Y’all. I negotiate influencer contracts for an actual living and this s**t makes the rest of us look bad. This is why we can’t have nice things,” another added.

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