Bride horrifies with 'unhinged' DIY wedding 'hack': 'Disgusting'

A bride decided to use an unconventional item for confetti.

Brides often share different tips and tricks to save money for their weddings, but one bride has taken it a step too far. Wedded couples often walk down the aisle together after the ceremony with their loved ones throwing confetti, rose petals or rice in the air to celebrate.

A photographer revealed that one of his brides had the ‘bizarre’ idea to use dehydrated instant mashed potato flakes as confetti to cut costs. However, she hadn’t taken into account that spilled drinks, sweat and humidity could cause the flakes to turn into a wet mashed potato mess.

A bride and groom walk down the aisle as their friends throw white petals
A bride has caused outrage after choosing an unconventional item to use as confetti. Photo: Getty

The photographer’s hilarious post describing what happened after the couple tied the knot was soon shared to a popular wedding-shaming Facebook group.

“Funny story…. so a bride went cheap on her confetti exit, and they ordered boxes of ‘instant mashed potatoes’. Let’s just say, with sweat and spilled drinks from the night, they all ended up having mashed potatoes everywhere,” they wrote.


“Mashed potatoes on the ground, mashed potatoes in their hair, mashed potatoes inside their clothing…and they just continue with the party.”

A number of people were equally shocked and delighted by the bride’s ‘disgusting' choice, with many wishing they could have been guests at the ‘mashed potato wedding’.

The dehydrated potato flakes quickly turned into a wet potato mess. Photo: Facebook & Continental
The dehydrated potato flakes quickly turned into a wet potato mess. Photo: Facebook & Continental

“I love this. Not that they did it, but that they did it. Know what I mean? Like WTF, but also hahaha to be a fly on the wall!” one person commented.

“Wow what a terrible choice but for my own amusement, thank you for making it,” another added.

“This is TRULY the most bizarre hack I have ever heard of,” a third chimed in.


Others couldn’t get their head around why the couple settled on mashed potatoes in the first place.

“Why would you ever, ever do that?? Bubbles. Or idk, dried lavender is from the f**king earth. That might’ve been what we used, I can’t remember. Or just throw nothing. But potatoes??” a surprised group member wrote.

“Gross! Someone did NOT think through what happens to dehydrated food when it hits sweat. Even ‘normal’ amounts of sweat,” another pointed out.

“Those flakes are way too similar to bad dandruff and I’d want that nowhere NEAR my wedding photos,” a third chimed in.

“My little sister put instant mashed potato flakes in her hair one time to pretend she had dandruff. I know exactly what this wedding party must have looked like,” another remarked.

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