Shocking detail in wedding day outfit slammed: 'Cringe'

The groom's mother was savaged for the dress she chose to wear on his wedding day.

A mother of a groom has been roasted online after she committed a cardinal sin with the outfit she chose to wear on his wedding day.

The woman is now selling the dress for $750, but it has been shared to a popular wedding shaming group on Reddit not to help her with the sale, but instead to slam her for looking oddly like the bride.

One photo shows the mother walking her son down the aisle in a floor-length blush pink gown with a lacy detail while holding a bouquet of white flowers.

A mother-in-law in a lacy wedding gown.
The mother-in-law's dress was weirdly similar to the bride's. Source: Reddit

In another, the mother of the groom is posing with her son and his new bride, with her dress eerily similar to the one being worn by his son's new spouse.

Redditors flocked to the comments to criticise the mother for her choice of outfit.

"I looked at the second picture and it looks like it's almost the exact same gown as the bride is wearing. So yeah, talk about inappropriate," one commented.


"A less classy version of it too. The cutouts and cupping is so cringe (in an attention-seeking way) I’m embarrassed for the [mother-in-law]," another said.

"Oh, this always leaves me feeling so icky. Why do mothers of men do this? It's so gross ... Seriously, you want to look like the bride at your son's wedding?" a third questioned.

"Some people are straight-up shameless," another slammed the woman.

It's not the first time a mother-in-law has tried to steal attention away from a bride on her wedding day.

In December, a groom shared on Reddit he asked his mum to choose a different dress after she sent him a photo of the lacy ivory gown she bought to celebrate the occasion.

A mother-in-law wearing a lavy ivory wedding gown.
A groom said his mother stopped speaking to him after he told her she could not wear the dress she chose. Source: Reddit

"My parents had refused to show any pics of what they were planning to wear. Responses were, 'Don’t worry we followed your rules'," he said.

"After a lot of pushing on my end to finally get pics three weeks ahead of the wedding, my mother shared a picture of a dress that is white and resembles my fiancée's dress…to the point our friends thought it was a prank. I let her know it would be embarrassing. Since then I have been given the silent treatment, from her and my siblings."

People on Reddit were shocked by the mother's behaviour, leaving a number of comments claiming she was in the wrong.

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