Bride's 'filthy' wedding cake savaged: 'Weird and nasty'

The bride was horrified when she saw her wedding cake.

A distraught bride has turned to social media over her ‘disappointing’ wedding cake. Asking for advice from other brides, she asked how she could tell the cake maker that she was “unhappy” with the final product.

She shared snaps of her dream cake alongside photos of the amateur cake she ended up receiving instead. Sitting on a silver cake board, the small vanilla cake was covered in lumpy white fondant with an awful seam at the back.

L: Ugly wedding cake R: Text to a bride with a photo of a wedding cake
A bride has shared her disappointment after receiving this wedding cake. Photo: Facebook (Facebook/that's it, I'm wedding shaming)

A dark ribbon was wrapped around the bottom, with some fake green leaves and a white flower shoved on top of the cake.

The bride also shared a screenshot of the photo her cake maker had sent over the night before the wedding, which showed the cake sitting haphazardly on a couch.

“Hi, how do I tell my baker I was so unhappy with how our wedding cake turned out? Although it was a last-minute order (three weeks before our wedding), it looked nothing like the photo I sent to her,” the bride wrote.


“She sent me one photo of a cake and it looked nice in the photo, with a text following [that read] ‘It’s not edited’…that was one of the things I was so looking forward to seeing and my partner and I were left so unhappy and disappointed with how it looked.

“Photos below but the photos don’t even do it justice…please help,” she wrote.

A Bride's post on social media about her wedding cake
She asked for advice on social media. Photo: Facebook (Facebook/that's it, I'm wedding shaming)

Once the bride’s plea was shared on a popular Facebook wedding shaming group, many put the cake maker on blast.

“They’ve really just smooshed all that icing on with their fingers, haven’t they? Seems like they’ve never worked with fondant in their life,” one person wrote.

“I audibly gasped at this one. Seriously?!” another exclaimed.

“As a bakery owner…I honestly don’t even have words. Demand a refund. I cannot understand how people let stuff like that go out the door and think it’s acceptable,” a third remarked.

“I straight up would’ve gotten a Walmart wedding cake before I paid for that mess. Especially after seeing it sitting on her couch. That’s just weird and nasty,” another declared.

L: Nice white wedding cake with white flowers. R: Ugly and gross wedding cake
The bride sent the photo on the left to the baker for inspiration, and ended up with the cake on the right. Photo: Facebook (Facebook/That's it, I'm wedding shaming)


Others were confused why any professional cake maker would take a photo of their cake on a couch in the first place.

“Uh, I would have had a problem the moment I received this picture. Why tf is my cake on your couch?!” one asked.

“Cake on the couch, possible cat s**t on the floor. Hope that deal was worth it lol,” another added.

“Who the f moves the cake from their kitchen to the sofa for a photo??? I’m terrified of what that kitchen looks like,” a third chimed in.

“Not only does it look hideous, but why is it on her dirty couch in her filthy living room,” another asked.

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