Influencer divides after posing in thong at family ski resort: 'Revolting'

The Playboy model was instructed to cover up by a resort worker.

Influencer Gloria Vitalina has sparked furious debate with her latest antics at a popular family ski resort in Montana, USA. She pulled her pants down at the top of the Swift Current ski run, revealing just a skimpy black thong underneath.

She was seen throwing her hands up in the air while posing for the camera but was asked to stop by an official Big Sky mountain ranger. The video was shared to a popular influencer-shaming Instagram account and quickly racked up over 2.4 million views.

L: Influencer Gloria Vitalina posing with her exposed butt on a mountain. R: Gloria Vitalina selfie
Influencer Gloria Vitalina shocked with her lewd mountain act. Photo: Instagram/influencersinthewild & gloria_vitalina (Instagram/influencersinthewild & gloria_vitalina)

“The mountain ranger had to go over and ask her to stop because there were kids around because IT'S A PUBLIC MOUNTAIN. Little boys turned into lifelong skiers on this day,” the caption read.

The video of the Playboy model was flooded with thousands of comments, some labelling her act “revolting” and “disgusting”.


“My family and I saw this from the lift. This is top of Swift Current, which is one of the major lifts from the base at Big Sky. There were probably 30-40 people around. She could have chosen from infinity other places at this gigantic resort without little kids around?” wrote one appalled mother.

L: Influencer Gloria Vitalina posing in a thong on a mountain. R: Big Sky mountain ranger in a green coat
The runway model was told to stop by a Big Sky mountain ranger. Photo: Instagram/influencersinthewild (Instagram/influencersinthewild)

“Sorry but doing this s**t in front of kids??? What the f**k is wrong with these people, there is something clearly wrong if they can’t see an issue with acting this way in front of children,” another agreed.

“Yet if a man did this in front of children cops would be called. Make it make sense. Absolutely disgusting to do in front of children!!!!!!” a third chimed in.

“The most cringe thing I’ve seen in 2023,” another quipped.

However, there were a large number of people who defended the influencer, with some pointing out that she was still clothed.

“I personally don’t think anything is wrong with this — I mean she’s still got her underwear on,” one person said.

“I hate this but also if my a** looked like that I’d also have it out everywhere,” another admitted.

“No child would sexualise a woman's natural body parts unless a grownup taught them to and the fact you act as if little children would get a boner or something is just disgusting. Be honest at least and say that it's YOU and only you who has a problem accepting that women can do whatever the f**k they want. If this was a male you would have laughed for sure,” a third remarked.


“Um we dress like this every closing day. I do anyway. Also gaper day. Also have these kids never been to a pool or beach? Its just a butt get over yourself,” added another.

Gloria Vitalina with two other black tape models at Miami Swim Week 2022.
The influencer has previously walked the runway for the Black Tape Project. Photo: Instagram/gloria_vitalina (Instagram/gloria_vitalina)

Gloria isn’t afraid to show off her figure and recently walked the runway at Miami Swim Fashion Week in a controversial ‘duct tape’ bikini.

She wore tape that barely covered her modesty in a V shape, with some black tape snaking around her right leg and arm. Her followers labelled her as “gorgeous” and “stunning”, with some begging her to join OnlyFans.

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