Aussie influencer defends ‘innocent’ bikini dance with stepdad: 'It's hot'

The swimwear designer explained why she created the dance video.

Aussie influencer Karina Irby has addressed backlash surrounding an ‘innocent’ dance video involving her stepfather. In the TikTok, the Moana swimwear designer is seen dancing in the kitchen to Work B**ch by Britney Spears in a string bikini.

She started the video off with a number of pelvic thrusts before adding body rolls and chest pops. Her stepfather, clad in a pair of black budgie smugglers, looked confused by the energetic routine. “What the f**k are you doing?” he asked, while standing with one hand on his hip.

L: Karina Irby in a green bikini and her tongue out. R: Karina Irby and her stepdad in the kitchen
Aussie influencer Karina Irby has hit back at trolls. Photo: Instagram/karinairby

After being told that her act was ‘gross’ and ‘inappropriate’, the star has taken to Instagram to tell her side of the story.

“Firstly, sorry to my stepdad Phil for all the unwanted attention LOL!” she began. “Secondly, let me educate the masses who saw this as ‘disturbing’ and ‘inappropriate’. Guys, it’s a hot, Australian Christmas. Our family spent it by the pool, hence the swimwear.

“We both have a good sense of humour and always like to do stupid things to make others laugh and get a reaction. This is purely all this video is. A reaction," she wrote.


“People SERIOUSLY need to lighten up, stop projecting their issues, educate themselves on what a typical Australian Christmas involves and stop creating a fake reality in their minds. What’s your take?” she asked her followers.

Two photos of Karina Irby in a string bikini dancing in a kitchen while her stepdad watches
The swimwear designer confused her stepdad with her energetic dance moves. Photo: TikTok/karinairby

The body-positive influencer was applauded by many of her followers, who agreed that there was nothing wrong with the dance video.

“Hilarious. Some people needed a sprinkle of lighten up in their Santa sacks this year!” one fan wrote.

“This is the most Australian thing I’ve seen and I love it. Also stepdads are like best friends, embrace the friendship,” another pointed out.

“I think people have a warped way of thinking. Why does everything go straight to the gutter. I thought it was funny and light humour. Especially your stepdad miming ‘the f**k are you doing’,” a third added.

However, there were still a handful of fans who still disagreed with Karina.

“Mammmm. I’ve been rooting for you, but pls don’t shake it in front of step daddy like that. I need to save my cringe for the rest of the internet,” a fan pleaded.


“I mean I’d never feel comfortable around fam like that…seems super gross. That’s a friends/partner type comfort,” another commented.

“This is horrifying. Seriously not funny at all. There is absolutely no reason why you should ever shake your a** in a bikini in front of your stepdad! Ugh girl get it together,” a third added.

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