I'm A Celebrity's Dicko takes brutal dig at MAFS' Domenica: 'Wild animal'

The two reality TV stars clashed during the show's premiere.

They were the first two celebrities to enter the jungle during Sunday night’s I’m A Celebrity premiere, and it didn’t take long for Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson and Domenica Calarco to butt heads.

The pair, who both rose to fame through their appearances on reality TV, had a disagreement at camp when the former Australian Idol judge took control of lighting the fire.

Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson and Domenica Calarco on I'm A Celebrity.
Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson and Domenica Calarco clashed during Sunday night’s I’m A Celebrity premiere. Photos: Channel 10

Dom was clearly irritated by her campmate, complaining in her confessional: “I think Dicko’s just given himself the badge of team leader, and he’s not even the oldest person here.”

The Married At First Sight bride then tried to light the fire herself while Dicko looked over her shoulder and made comments about her technique.

“Shut up, please,” she said to the camera. “Fake words of encouragement just aren’t helping me. Unless you can spit flames, don’t talk to me.”


After Dom walked way from the fire feeling frustrated about her lack of success with the flint, Dicko had a lot to say about her in the confessional booth.

“Dom’s got no filter,” he remarked. “Her emotions are hardwired to her gob, and the second she gets a feeling it’s out there in the world. So I don't think she thinks too hard before she speaks.

“I reckon she could cut up and get a bit scary, so I think you’re going to have to sort of treat her like a wild animal. Keep your distance, don't stroke her, let her sniff your hand - that sort of s**t.”

Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson and Domenica Calarco trying to light the fire on I'm A Celebrity.
The pair butted heads while trying to light the campfire with flint. Photos: Channel 10

Viewers divided

Fans on social media were divided over the interaction, with some people calling Dicko their “favourite” campmate and others saying his comments were out of line.

"Her feelings are hardwired to her gob! Oh Dicko,” one person tweeted, followed by another who said, “LOL! Hilarious insights from Dicko. This is why he's here”.


“Is Dom basically the younger female version of Dicko and he hasn't made that connection?” a third shared.

“Dicko saying similar offensive stuff to women that he did back on Australian Idol literally 20 years ago,” someone else remarked.

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