Home and Away spoilers: Does Theo have a dangerous stalker?

Summer Bay will be filled with action this week.

This week on Home and Away, Theo Poulos (Matt Evans) is dealing with an obsessive fan, Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) finds himself in a terrifying situation, and Summer Bay welcomes its newest resident.

The fictional band Lyrik have been going from strength to strength, booking gigs at local bars and even filming a music video at the lighthouse. However, as their profile starts to rise online, Theo is soon faced with a superfan who doesn’t respect his boundaries.

L: Home and Away Theo Poulos looks stunned. R: A hand holds a polaroid of Theo on the show
This week on Home and Away, one of Theo's fans takes things a little too far. Photo: Seven

Snaps of the potential stalker’s notebook depict an unhinged fan who is only focused on the frontman of the group. The singer will need to learn to balance getting swept up by the media attention while making sure his relationship with fellow bandmate Kirby Aramoana (Angelina Thompson) is still solid.

“He has some pretty big fans,” Matt tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “So with Lyrik obviously doing well, he has some big fans that come along. And he's trying to navigate his way around that fan culture and what it’s like to have fans for the first time in his life.”


Matt first shot to fame as a musician on The Voice, and he compares what Theo is going through to his own experience.

“The first time I had people actually know who you were, it was weird. It was like, ‘Woah, what’s going on?’. So I could really relate to it as well,” he explains.

Fans have come up with plenty of theories about who the superfan is, with some believing it is Kirby’s ex Bob Forsyth (Rob Mallett) attempting to break up the happy couple. Others have suggested it could be Theo’s ex Chloe Anderson (Sam Barrett) making a return to Summer Bay.

L: Tane on the phone on Home and Away. R: Cash being threatened on Home and Away
Tane is prepared to put his life on the line for his fiancée's brother. Photo: Seven

Tane puts his life on the line for Cash

Cash has been on a mission to avenge his sister and Eden Fowler (Stephanie Panozzo) after they were badly injured in a car crash intended for him.

After firing up bikie gang member Tex Wheeler (Lucas Linehan) in prison, the cop is ready to do anything to stop the gang from hurting more innocent people.

“He’s willing to play dirty to stop them and will get as violent as he needs to be to make them back off,” Nicholas told TV Week.

After the gang kidnap Cash and take him to a remote location, viewers will be on the edge of their seats as Tane Parata (Ethan Browne) watches behind a car.

As the gang prepare to commit another murder, Tane rushes in and tries to help by fighting back. Unfortunately, the two are extremely outnumbered and it doesn’t look good.

Is this the last we’ve seen of Cash and Tane?


Dean holds Ziggy as she prepares to give birth
Fans will finally get to meet Dean and Ziggy's baby this week. Photo: Seven

Dean and Ziggy welcome their bundle of joy

It's been a long time coming, but Dean Thompson (Patrick O'Connor) and Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman) are finally meeting their newborn baby on Tuesday.

The happy couple were blindsided last week when Dean's overbearing mother Karen Thompson (Georgia Adamson) turned up to help them with the baby, when Ziggy suddenly went into labour.

However, they are not out of the woods just yet. The network teases that their happiness is only “short-lived”, with the parents about to face “their toughest challenge yet”.

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