Home and Away's Sophie Dillman reveals awkward pregnancy mishap

Home and Away star Sophie Dillman’s character Ziggy Astoni is currently pregnant, and the star has previously opened up about how ‘strange’ the experience has been.

Now, the actress has revealed a hilarious behind-the-scenes mishap that happened while she was wearing her fake belly.

Home and Away star Sophie Dillman is playing a pregnant character on the soap. Photo: Instagram/sophiedillman & Seven
Home and Away star Sophie Dillman is playing a pregnant character on the soap. Photo: Instagram/sophiedillman & Seven

Fans have been sharing photos of Sophie looking far along in her pregnancy while filming at Palm Beach, and she tells Yahoo Lifestyle that the bump is extremely convincing.

“There was somebody in the makeup room the other day, who didn’t realise I wasn’t pregnant. He thought it was real,” she begins.

“We were talking about movies and I said, ‘Oh I cried through that movie’, and he turned to me and was like, ‘Well, obviously you did in your condition’. I was like, ‘Hey…this isn’t real!’,” she laughs.


The star says that the costume department have done ‘a really good job’, and admits that her on and offscreen boyfriend Patrick O’Connor (Dean Thompson) is enjoying the storyline.

“I think Paddy likes me being pregnant. He keeps saying it looks good on me. And to be honest, I actually think I look good pregnant too,” she spills.

Home and Away stars Sophie Dillman and Patrick O'Connor
Home and Away stars Sophie and Patrick are a fan-favourite couple. Photo: Instagram/paddy.oco

Fans slam the 'fake belly'

Sophie's fans took to social media and shared their own opinions, with many saying her baby bump actually looks 'terrible'.

"She does a great job at it a love her! however, the fake belly I [personally] don’t believe looks convincing enough, I can see rather clearly how fake it is," one person wrote.

"They may think her bump looks real but I think it looks terrible. Too defined at the top and sides," another added.

Sophie’s surprising admission

This comes after the star touched on the ‘scary’ side to playing a pregnant woman with her real-life partner.

“It is really strange to talk about pregnancy and babies with your partner that is your partner in real life, and on set,” she told us.

While the couple has discussed having children, that’s something they want to do in the future — not right now.


“All of a sudden, all these feelings and thoughts come into it like oh my god, what happens if we actually have a baby? Is this how it works? Will you be scared, I’m scared! Am I meant to be this sick?” she said.

Dean holding Ziggy's hand as she lies in a hospital bed on Home and Away
The pair are expecting a bundle of joy on the soap. Photo: Seven

Sophie added that while their storyline is ‘great’ with ‘very common pregnancy symptoms’, it has been ‘weird’ trying to play a pregnant character.

“I don’t think you think about [pregnancy symptoms] properly until you’ve actually experienced them. But I’m fake experiencing them, so I now have to think about it,” she quipped.

“It’s really weird, but it’s been really fun. Really, really fun playing a pregnant woman with food cravings and nausea and mood swings.”

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