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Inflatable pontoons will take your beach game to the next level

Relaxing on the water has never been so easy.

Want to escape the crowds at the beach? Bóia specialises in super-sized inflatables so you can get your own pontoon and relax on the water with your friends.

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Models on inflatable pontoon
Supercharge your summer with your own personal inflatable pontoon. Photo: Supplied

Founded by Perth friends Thomas Freeman and Nicholas Hughes, Bóia was born when the Aussie mates hosted an ocean event and realised there was hardly any seating, so they decided to make their own. They designed three different oversized inflatables, which can all be deflated so they fold up and roll in to an easy-to-store carry bag. The pontoons can also be connected together for a floating party.

The Harbour is a horseshoe-shaped float that has a comfy backrest. There's room for a cooler in the middle, so you can keep drinks with you, and it also has a sturdy surface that's easy to sit on without wobbling.

Models on inflatable pontoon
The Harbour inflatable has a special spot for a drinks cooler in the middle. Photo: Supplied


The Dock is a square inflatable that's available in three sizes. Great for families, groups of friends or couples. It's the perfect spot to lounge around, or use as a base for jumping off.

Models on inflatable pontoon
The Dock is great for hanging out with family or friends. Photo: Supplied

The Wharf is rectangular and comes in either 3x2m or 4x2m options. It's ideal for chilling out, or a place to let the kids hang before throwing themselves in for a dip. Connect a couple of these together and you've got the ultimate party pontoon.

Models on inflatable pontoon
The Wharf is the ultimate chill-out pad. Photo: Supplied

Like what you see? Well right now Bóia is offering $250 off pontoons for Yahoo readers. Just enter the code YAHOO250 at checkout to claim your discount.

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