Sam Frost reveals pregnancy scare in underwear snap: 'Stress'

The former Home and Away star had a 'stressful' visit to hospital last week.

Former Home and Away star Sam Frost is expecting her first child in March this year and she has been showing off her burgeoning baby bump online. In an intimate snap on Instagram, the blonde beauty showed off her growing figure in a grey bralette and low-hanging pyjama pants.

The actress has reached the 35 week milestone but it hasn’t all been smooth sailing. In her post, Sam dropped the bombshell that she and Survivor star fiancé Jordie Hansen had to make a “late night hospital visit” on Tuesday.

Home and Away star Sam Frost
Former Home and Away star Sam Frost has made a surprise admission. Photo: Instagram/samfrost

“This week has been all about the little one,” she wrote. “Tuesday we had a late night hospital visit, causing us a fair bit of stress. But everyone is ok. Happy & healthy.”

The Bachelor star added that her bump is “on the smaller size”, but after a scan to check up on her unborn baby, the couple found he is “growing perfectly”.

Sam recently opened up about her difficulty with the Queensland mental health system, saying after being told she would qualify for a “psychologist referral”, it took 12 long weeks of back and forth before she was deemed not eligible.


The Aussie star told fans she decided to go book private care for her mental health instead of attempting to work with the public health system.

“This week has been all about the little one. Kicked off the week meeting a fabulous psychologist — I ended up just booking care myself at a private practice,” she explained.

Sam Frost takes a mirror selfie in a bra and pants with a pregnancy update
The heavily pregnant star is due to give birth in March. Photo: Instagram/samfrost

Fans were quick to send their best wishes to Sam on social media, with many expressing happiness that the pair were healthy.

“Glad she’s taken control and booked herself a psychologist. Sad you have to get things moving on things like that! Glad everything is ok with both,” one fan wrote.

“It won’t be long before your little bub will arrive,” another declared.

“I’m glad everything is ok rest up you’re going to need it,” a third chimed in.

“Oh false alarms calling maybe any day by the sounds of it!” remarked another.


Two photos of Sam Frost in a black bra and low hanging pants with a pregnant belly
The former radio host gave fans a look into the 'reality' of pregnancy. Photo: Instagram/samfrost

Sam shuts down ‘glamorous’ pregnancy myth

This comes after the soon-to-be mum shared a hilarious video showing what pregnancy is really like. In a clip viewed over 319,000 times, Sam shows how being pregnant can make simple actions extremely tough.

She begins the video sneezing while crossing her legs, before brushing her teeth leads to a bout of vomiting. Even something as simple as reaching for a remote is difficult for the heavily pregnant star.

“Don’t be fooled by glamorous photos of flawless women, smiling in the sunset, holding their baby bumps in magical flowing dresses…here’s a little dose of reality,” she wrote in the caption.

Her celebrity pals were in stitches watching Sam’s skit, with her former radio co-host Rove McManus saying it was “funny cos it’s true!”.

“Pregnancy is not easy or glamorous!!! But it’s a beautiful journey even with all the vomiting, sleeping problems and pains. You’re doing an amazing job. Not long to go xx,” influencer Felicity Henry added.

“Can relate and not even pregnant,” Survivor star Brooke Jowett quipped.

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