Home and Away spoiler: Secret video reveals Levi and Mackenzie's fate

Are the couple going the distance?

Home and Away's Mackenzie and Levi.
Mackenzie and Levi were seen packing on the PDA. Photo: Seven & Facebook/CelebTime

A sneaky video from the Home and Away set has answered some burning fan questions. Controversial couple Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir) and Levi Fowler (Tristan Gorey) have divided fan opinion this year, after the pair got together behind Levi’s wife Imogen Fowler’s (Georgia Blizzard) back.

While it seemed like perhaps their passion would eventually fizzle out, a video taken from the Palm Beach location shows they’re still going strong, many months in the future. CelebTime, who offers both actor-escorted tours and filming tours to Summer Bay, shared a video of Mackenzie and Levi goofing around on the beach.

At one point, the characters indulge in a steamy PDA session as extras walk past, clearly very much in love.


One fan shared the video in a Home and Away Facebook fan group, writing: “Mackenzie and Levi are still a couple, as we [will] see this scene in six months.”

The show usually films five to six months in advance, so viewers can expect this to play out near the end of the year.

Of course, some fans aren’t the biggest supporters of Mackenzie and Levi, with one convinced he’ll “cheat” on her in the future.

“Once a cheat, always a cheat,” they wrote.

However, there are a handful of viewers who are coming around to the idea of the pair making a great onscreen couple.

“I’m starting to like them more and more. They clearly care about each other,” one declared.

Home and Away's Mackenzie and Levi.
This scene should appear on screens in November or December. Photo: Facebook/CelebTime

“I’m actually really starting to like them together lol,” another agreed.

“Absolutely love this!” a third chimed in.

“Hope [they] will announce that Mackenzie [is] pregnant,” another said.

The chemistry between Tristan and Emily is so believable, so quite a few fans have taken it as proof the actors are together in real life.

Earlier this week, Tristan tagged Emily in his Instagram story after being asked this question: “Are you and Emily a couple in real life? You two would make a cute couple.”

Levi and Mackenzie on Home and Away
Levi was still married when the pair started their affair. Photo: Seven

He directed his answer to Emily, in a joking manner. “Em, I get this question so often. Why won’t you be my girlfriend, huh?”

“You two would make a cute couple, it says, let’s just…” he joked.


However, he previously addressed this in another behind-the-scenes video, when he put forward a question from a fan who asked if the pair could start dating. At that time, Emily clearly shook her head and said no, so this romance doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

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