Home and Away pokes fun at Leah's marriage curse after fourth wedding

Leah's only ex-husband who is still actually alive had some words of advice for Justin.

Home and Away fan favourite character Leah Patterson-Baker (Ada Nicodemou) just waltzed down the aisle for the fourth time, potentially now making her new name Leah Patterson-Baker-Morgan after her nuptials to Justin Morgan (James Stewart).

While the beloved Leah may be onto her fourth marriage (and some of us can't even get a text back), there's a running joke amongst Home and Away fans given her track record with marriages, that Justin may soon be stalked by the Grim Reaper.

Leah was first married to Vinnie Patterson after she arrived in Summer Bay as a runaway bride (so, yes, a near-wedding miss prior to meeting Vinnie). Vinnie is sent to prison not long after the birth of their son VJ where he later dies in a prison fire. Well, kind of.

Leah's latest wedding VS. Leah's first wedding. Photo: Seven
Leah's latest wedding VS. Leah's first wedding. Photo: Seven

After a couple of other dating experiences, Leah eventually marries Dan Baker. At some point during her time with Dan, Leah finds out Vinnie is alive and in witness protection. After Leah and Dan go through some ups and downs, they find happy ground again and Dan heads to America to find their perfect home and start a new job — but then dies in an abseiling accident.

Down the track, post-Dan's death, Leah finds out Vinnie has now actually died in a farming accident.


After more dating mishaps with other men, Leah's new love Zac proposes to her and she rejects him, only to propose back to him later on. Zac later cheats on Leah.

In a previous article I wrote for BuzzFeed once upon a time, the basic summary of Leah's life before falling in love with Justin looked a little like this...

To summarise: five proposals, two dead husbands, one ex-husband, one ex-fiancé, two miscarriages, numerous health problems, a granddaughter that didn't turn out to be hers biologically, and a son that then had to flee Australia with said non-biological granddaughter after the death of the baby's mother.

This takes us to now — ahead of Leah's wedding to Justin, her ex-husband Zac (played by Charlie Clausen) made a special cameo sending a video message to Justin.

"Justin! Zac Maguire here. Greetings from beautiful Vietnam. Now I've just had word that you plan on marrying Leah and I have just one question for you.... Are you out of your mind?! Do you think it's any coincidence that I am the only one of her husbands to still be alive and I had to leave the bloody country to do it?!

Leah's been deemed the 'Black Widow of Summer Bay'. Photo: Instagram.com/adanicodemou
Leah's been deemed the 'Black Widow of Summer Bay'. Photo: Instagram.com/adanicodemou

"The woman is the black widow of Summer Bay, you will end up six feet under if you don't call the wedding off! Don't say I didn't warn you," he finished.

"He is a dirty cheater, so don't listen to him," Leah interjected. "Babe, he's really serious, I've never really given thought to that voice in my head," Justin replied. "You are the black widow, just saying."

"Vinnie went to prison, Dan was on a school excursion and it was an abseiling accident, and that was it, so there you go, it's not my fault," Leah explained.

Home and Away fans loved Zac's cameo and joke.

"TBH we were all thinking the same thing 😂😂😂😂😂 - I give Justin 6 months before he kicks the bucket," one person joked.

"He'll be ok.... unless he drives anywhere, flies anywhere, goes camping, swimming, hiking, walks under a flightpath, uses a level crossing, etc," another said. "Run, my dude, run. Run fast, run far," someone else commented.

Leah Justin Home and Away wedding
Leah ties the knot for the fourth time. Photo: Seven


"Omg we've been saying this all along 😂😂😂 Justin's days are numbered," another fan commented.

Though some fans are genuinely worried about Justin now moving forward.

"Better not get Justin killed off the show Leah and Justin are my favorite couple. Leah deserves happiness," one person commented.

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