Home and Away's Matt Evans reveals heartbreak behind new project

The young musician has just released his debut single.

Home and Away star Matt Evans first shot to fame as a competitor on singing reality show The Voice, and fans have been waiting for him to release music ever since. However, the star went in a completely different direction with his career after landing the role of Theo Poulos on the soap in 2021.

While it seemed as though he would be focusing on acting now, Matt tells Yahoo Lifestyle that music has always been his number one passion. In a twist of fate, the star was handed a storyline that involved him showing off his musical talents in the fictional band Lyrik.

L: Matt Evans on Home and Away singing. R: Matt Evans album artwork for Over It
Home and Away star Matt Evans has just released his debut single. Photo: Seven & Instagram/thisismattevans

Although he loves playing Leah Patterson’s (Ada Nicodemou) nephew on the show and playing in the band, there was a part of him that wanted to tell his own stories through his own music.

On Friday, the talented singer released his debut single called Over It, a catchy earworm that tackles the sticky situation of being stuck in a toxic relationship. In the song, he discovers his ‘perfect girl’ was constantly making empty promises and playing mind games.


“It’s about a past relationship I had with a certain someone and I felt pretty gaslighted within that experience, and then she moved to LA,” Matt tells us.

“It was two years ago so I’m all good now,” he adds, before admitting he was ‘concerned’ about how his ex would react. When he decided to record and release the song, he knew he had to give her a warning.

“I sent her a DM and said this is coming out, just letting you know, I’m all good,” he recalls. “I didn’t know how she was going to take it, but I was kind of doing it in more of a protection thing to be like, ‘Hey, this song’s coming out. I don’t want you to think that I am really angry at you because I’m not’.”

He laughs when he remembers how she reacted, saying that she actually thought it was “cool”, and asked if it was a “diss track”.

“She was really sweet though. So it’s good. And especially with the time, that helps as well,” he says.

Lyrik performing on Home and Away
Matt's character on Home and Away is part of the band Lyrik. Photo: Seven

Will Theo perform ‘Over It’ on the show?

Lyrik has been performing lots of original music and the group even filmed a music video out in Summer Bay. However, Matt shuts down the idea of performing his own music on the show.

“I haven’t brought this song to the producers at all because I want to keep my personal music career separate to the show,” he explains.

“This is representative of me, and it’s my own music. It’s my stories I’m telling, not Theo’s.”

He hopes to turn his success into a thriving music career in the future, though he can’t plan too many concerts or tours just yet. His Home and Away schedule is “hectic”, but he’s toying with the idea of playing some acoustic shows to begin with.

“The most important thing to me was getting the music out, and then [touring and shows] would come second to [that],” he adds.

Georgie Parker, Matt Evans, Ada Nicodemou and Nicholas Cartwright on Home and Away
His fellow Home and Away stars have been showing their support. Photo: Instagram/thisismattevans

Matt feels ‘lucky’ to have the Home and Away cast’s support

The Western Australian has been teasing his single for a while now, sharing clips, cover art and more on social media. In a show of support for their friend, many of his fellow cast members have been promoting his new song.

Emily Weir, who plays Mackenzie Booth, was pictured dancing to it in the makeup room, and Matt says he doesn’t take their support for granted.

“I’m just very, very lucky that everyone’s so supportive of the song. I did shoot a music video for the song as well, which comes out in a couple of weeks, and all the extras were my friends and a lot of them were from Home and Away,” he spills. I had a house party and they were dancing, and it was so much fun.”

“It’s a very supportive group people and I’m very lucky to have that,” he finishes.

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