Home and Away star's X-rated gym confession: 'Started to feel really weird'

You may never look at this piece of gym equipment the same way.

Home and Away star Emily Weir has shared a candid X-rated confession on podcast Life Uncut, leaving hosts Laura Byrne and Brittany Hockley in fits of laughter.

The actress appeared on the latest episode, and opened up about her life from her sobriety journey to what it was like getting fit for her Summer Bay antics.

It was when sharing her workout story that Emily made a rogue confession that left fans wondering what exactly her gym routine entailed.

Emily said when she first started on Home and Away she was trying to get "really, really fit" and said she found a machine that you jump on and "swing your legs up and crunch".

"Yet this particular day, obviously my abs were getting 'stronger' and I was tensing and you know, really trying a lot harder," Emily explained.

Home and Away's Emily Weir
Home and Away's Emily Weir had an X-rated mishap when working out at the gym. Photo: Instagram.com/lifeuncutpodcast

"Anyway, during, I think I was on rep 35, and by the time I did a rep from 35 to 50 I started to feel really weird and kind of tingly, and I was like 'oh what's going on in my lower nether regions'," the star said.


"I started to feel like, 'Oh my God' and I kept going, I kept pushing through it and I.. I came" she said.

"Just to be clear, came where?" Brittany asked.

"In my pants!" Emily said through laughter.

"You orgasmed?" Britt clarified with Em exclaiming, "I orgasmed! I reached climax."

Emily Weir and Laura Byrne
Emily's confession left the Life Uncut hosts in stitches of laughter. Photo: Instagram.com/lifeuncutpodcast

The hilarious girls' chat left fans sharing their own stories and praising Emily for her honesty.

"Yes in my younger 20s that was the best workout," one person said. "Happens to me too!"

"I should start working out again," another person joked. "We gotta see if our gym has this piece of equipment?" another person said, tagging their friend.

"Now everyone will do it! Love it! Love a girls' chat," another fan said.

Former Home and Away star Sarah Roberts also commented.

"Ummm @weir.emily why haven’t you told me about this crunch to cum experience before!? I gotta get to the gym…" she said.

Finally, someone clarified what the machine was.

"It’s called the Captain's Chairs, that machine. And it’s got a reputation for this kind of thing. Orgasm bandit," a person commented.

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