Woman sparks debate with ‘gross’ act in G-string bikini

Some praised the woman while others said her behaviour was 'classless'.

A woman has sparked furious debate online after a video emerged of her performing a racy dance in a G-string bikini on a boat.

The clip, shared to the popular Instagram account @influencersinthewild, shows the woman in the racy black swimsuit putting her leg up on a bar table before hiking herself up to sit on her knees.

She then begins twerking, shaking her backside back and forth, and waving her arm as onlookers watch on and film the performance.

The clip sparked a wild reaction from people online and attracted thousands of comments, with some criticising her behaviour while others said she was allowed to express herself.

A woman is seen climbing onto a bar table in a black bikini.
The woman climbed up on the bar table before twerking. Source: Instagram

"I will never understand why on earth a woman would 'dance' like this," one critic commented.

"This behaviour should stay in the bedroom. It’s classless and gross," another claimed.

"Is twerking still a thing? Ready for it to be over, because it's overrated and overdone at this point," a comment read.


However, a number of others jumped to the woman's defence and said she was entitled to have fun.

"She's not recording herself for the likes. She looks like she's on vacation in an adult space having fun," one said on Instagram.

"Express yoself! Lol – damn… so much hate!! She just having fun!" another agreed.

"We’ve all done something like this in our lifetime and if you haven’t – maybe go on a vacation, take a few shots of tequila, relax and laugh and twerk all your negative s**t away!"

"She looks incredible!!! Wish I could twerk like that," an Instagram user praised the woman.

It comes after two influencers were mocked in December after they decided to entertain diners at brunch with a twerking performance on a table.

In a video also shared on Instagram, the two women are seen standing on a table in an outdoor venue dancing while music pumps and people cheer.

People flooded the comments mocking the influencers for their racy dance moves.

"Excuse me waiter this is not what I ordered," one joked.

"And that's why you don't eat off the table, kids," another quipped.

"That’s disgusting!" a third commented.

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