Hidden detail in Matty J and Laura's wedding snap: 'Hell no'

Laura Byrne has shared a sweet photo from her wedding with new husband Matty J, but pointed out a detail many fans would have missed.

The former Bachelor star and host of the Life Uncut podcast married Matty 'J' Johnson at Cupitt's Estate near Mollymook last Friday.

The star stunned in a KYHA Studio gown with a sheer tulle bodice and strap that hung elegantly off her shoulder.

Posting a black and white photo from the day on Instagram, the pair were all smiles as they posed in a paddock. However, Laura pointed out one detail in the photo that startled her.

Laura Byrne looks startled (left) while she and Matty J smile at each other on their wedding day (right).
Laura Byrne had to do a double take when she got her photos from her wedding to Matty J. Source: Instagram

"Just received some of our professional wedding photos back," Laura wrote on her Instagram Stories alongside a photo of her looking loved up and holding her hand to her heart.

"They are so beautiful," she added before sharing the photo of the pair smiling at each other as he wraps an arm around her and carries her bouquet.

While on first glance the snap looks flawless, Laura noticed something was not quite right.

"Hang on," she wrote.


The reality TV star then posted a close-up of her foot in the photo, where only her pinky toe can be seen sticking out of her strappy heels.

"Hell no," she said, before posting another zoomed-in photo of the rogue toe, adding, "Why?"

She then shared another photo of herself grimacing and giving a thumbs-up after noticing the small detail.

Laura Byrne's pinky toe is seen sticking out of her strappy heels.
Laura Byrne was shocked to discover her rogue pinky toe in her wedding photos. Source: Instagram

Matty J and Laura's X-rated wedding vows

The golden couple finally tied the knot last week three and a half years after announcing their engagement.

While exchanging their vows, Matty J described his perfect woman before saying: "I also wanted her to have a great rack and earn more money than me."

The Daily Mail reported Matty J joked about his time meeting Laura on The Bachelor in 2017, saying he had to "work his way through 24 other women" before getting to his perfect partner.

Laura's vows were just as cheeky, with the publication sharing her promises to her new husband.

"I promise to always put our family and you first, to ask how your day was, and to always care about the answer," she said.


"I promise to fill our house with laughter and fun and silliness and happiness, and I promise to tell you that I love you daily and show you. I promise to always give you a kiss goodnight and a bit extra if I'm not too tired, you know, to keep the spark alive!"

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