Heartbreak High star's embarrassing moment watching X-rated scene with her grandma

The stars of Netflix's popular Aussie show spill all on the awkwardness of filming sex scenes.

Heartbreak High's Ayesha Madon and Thomas Weatherall, who play Amerie and Malakai on the Netflix show, have revealed what it's like shooting X-rated scenes with your friends – and then what it's like when your family, of all people, watches them!

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle, Thomas revealed that intimate scenes can be challenging but compared it to being part of a choreographed dance.

"It's a funny thing," he tells us. "I think it kind of gets glorified, that process. And if you haven't shot one or been a part of that process, you don't necessarily know what goes into it - and it's a very technical sort of thing. And it's like a choreographed dance number, in a way."

Heartbreak High's stars Ayesha Madon and Thomas Weatherall
Heartbreak High's stars Ayesha Madon and Thomas Weatherall tell Yahoo Lifestyle what it's like shooting and then watching back X-rated scenes from the show. Photo: Netflix

He adds that everyone taking part always feels safe, saying, "Part of it, I think, with doing it with people that you are really close with, it takes that awkwardness away. Or at least – maybe there's an initial one to start with, but it's kind of nice to be able to have that relationship with your cast mates."


"Although it's technical and very planned out, you still have to be quite vulnerable in those moments. And it's different person to person, but it can be a pretty anxious sort of thing, knowing that that's also going to go out into the world, and anyone and everyone can see it for the rest of eternity.

"But it's nice to have that degree of comfort with your cast mate. And once you've shot one, by the end of it, it's every second Tuesday."

"We're experts!" Ayesha quips.

Heartbreak High's Josh Heuston and Thomas Weatherall kiss
Ayesha revealed that her grandma watched Thomas' threesome scene with Josh Heuston from season one. Photo: Netflix

When joking about watching the show back with their families, Ayesha jokes, "Grandma is the worst one. When Grandma has to watch it, it's just... the threesome from last season? My grandma was like, 'What's that? What's happening?'"

Looking at Thomas, she adds, "It wasn't me, though. My grandma has seen you have a threesome."


"I also got to meet your grandma after she watched that, I'm pretty sure," he adds, looking uncomfortable. "So, that was fun!"

James Majoos, who plays Darren on the show, reiterated that shooting the intimate scenes feels "mechanical", telling us, "A lot of our intimacy coordinators are dancers, so it's very mechanical and there's a technique to it. But also, we all have quite good chemistry with our scene partners. So it all facilitates all of that."

Heartbreak High Season 2 is streaming now, only on Netflix.

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