19 People Who Posted Things So Dumb They Honestly Need To Have Their Computer Taken Away From Them

1.A simple question:

Facebook post from Aug 21 at 11:31 AM asking, "Do lil seizures clothes at ate?" accompanied by 12 reactions and 3 comments

2.A quick lesson in French:

Pan of pasta with meat sauce on stove. Facebook post with 6 reactions and a comment reading, "Yup add a bit of butter walaa."

3.Those delicious little corns:

Text post: "What are they being fed?" Comment reply: "Egg corns from the oak tree unlimited." (Note: Personal information has been redacted.)

4.A fair question:

Summary of the text: The author discusses the idea of tattoo places offering euthanasia for clients who fear the pain, inspired by a sign for euthanasia at a dentist for anxious patients

5.The a most scrumptious treat:

Series of humorous messages about misunderstandings of how to caramelize onions, questioning the aspects and time required for the cooking process

6.Tasty advice:

Three comments about a game bug involving picking up the same bag. Discussion on the phrase "chalk it up" vs. "chocolate it up." Final comment jokes about answers being delicious

7.Words for mocking:

Comment: "This song is gone be on an animated movie..something like Hotel Transylvania... mock my words." 2 likes, 1 reply

8.The death of politeness:

Facebook comment reading, "There is so much wrong with comments on here it’s actually made me realize why shivery is dead and I have a genuine dislike for people."

9.Messy scenes from the war:

Model WWII diorama showing military vehicles and damaged buildings for sale at $100. Listing title contains a spelling error

10.A simple equation:

Screenshot of a social media thread where users debate a math error, including statements about using a calculator and incorrect addition

11.Sunk costs:

Social media post reading: "I feel like this is sunk cost pharmacy to an extreme. What I've dedicated myself to can't be wrong! You're wrong! Once you notice, you see this everywhere..."

12.Time to focus:

The image contains text that reads, "i've never had the intention spam for that."

13.Rod Serling's creation:

Reply with summary text: "That sounds like a twilight zone or monkey's paw situation. I'm sorry :("

14.Common decency:

A message expressing that tipping in restaurants is a common courtesy and a desire to make someone's day rather than focusing on profits

15.Ram Dass' bags:

Two large bean bags and various items, including a mop bucket and broom, are for sale for $50

16.A serious accusation:

Screenshot of a social media comment saying, "this gotta be a deformation of character ?" with 43 minutes ago and 2 likes

17.Intense books:

Box of a Lego Bonsai Tree set being held. Text above box reads: "Gift: Lego bonsai tree. The instruction book is in here along with the tree, but it's like half knocked over / in pieces from a recent move."

18.A most serious disease:

A social media comment saying, "A kind of disease that makes them cannabis to their own kind," with a sad face emoji. The comment has 1,421 likes

19.And a most delicious cabinet:

Glass-front cabinet listed for $40 on a selling platform with item description "Perfect condition Churro Cabinet."