Fans React After Taylor Swift’s Band Steals Her Thunder in New Eras Tour Video

Members of Taylor Swift's band completely stole the show during a recent stop on the Eras Tour, and fans are living for the cheeky moment.

Guitarist Paul Sidoti and bassist Amos Heller, both of whom have been with the singer for the majority of her career, had a little fun with the crowd during a recent performance of "Love Story," hyping each other up as they called on the audience to applaud solely for them.

The two meandered down the catwalk together, pausing to peacock as Swifties screamed for them. Sidoti smiled brightly before directing attention to Heller, who opened his arms wide like the ringmaster at a circus before throwing one hand down in an "awe, shucks," sort of motion.

He then seemed to give himself a pep talk, taking a deep breath and composing himself before he dove back into the song alongside Sidoti. Before the clip ended, the two nodded at each other approvingly as if they'd just nailed their first big gig, and fans were tickled over the silly interaction.

"Not Paul and Amos deciding they wanted to be the centre of attention in Love Story pls I love them," one fan, named Ella, wrote when she uploaded the clip to X, later dubbing them "the true stars of the Eras Tour."

"...when Taylor said you've got a smile that could light up this whole town she meant these cuties!" she added in reply to another fan who declared, "they deserve it."

"After 100 shows they said it’s our turn," someone else joked.

Fans are equally enamored by the performers who join Swift on stage, so there's certainly no bad blood drawn over the antics—no matter how many jokes about them redirecting attention from the "Karma" songstress to them arise

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