Are Erin Molan and John Singleton dating? Inside Australia's wildest romance rumour

Erin and John haven't fully shut down the dating rumours.

Erin Molan and John Singleton. Photo: Instagram/Getty
Erin Molan and John Singleton. Photo: Instagram/Getty

Erin Molan has been subject to rumours in recent weeks that she's engaged in a romance with Sydney millionaire John Singleton, and neither party has fully shut down the rumours that the seven-times divorced millionaire is romantically pursuing the Sky News host.

Erin, 40, was spotted enjoying drinks with John, 82, after appearing as a panellist at the Mercedes-Benz Sydney Women in Business Lunch on Wednesday, alongside some other friends including Erin's 2DAY FM co-host Dave 'Hughesy' Hughes.

The meeting came after The Daily Telegraph revealed that John Singleton had given Erin a share in a $700,000 prize filly that he's named after her. After the sale, he joked, “Erin Molan’s trying to buy a share in it but she’s not offering enough," but then confirmed to the publication that he made Erin a part-owner of the horse, which goes by the name Erin.

“Erin (the horse) is part-owned by Erin (Molan),” he said. “Jim (Erin’s late great dad) was a hero of mine. Erin is my new hero."

Erin Molan and Jim Molan
Erin Molan and her late dad Jim. Photo:


While he didn't divulge what percentage of ownership he'd given to Erin, it did nothing to quash rumours that he was trying to win her over romantically.

Meanwhile, on the Hughesy, Ed & Erin show, Hughesy asked Erin if John was attempting to woo her and she didn't deny the line of questioning.

"Is John Singleton, billionaire, great guy, lad about town, recently divorced trying to woo Erin Molan?" Hughesy asked, to which Erin replied, "I think you’re going to have to ask John Singleton that."

Erin went on to praise John, saying she's always had a soft spot for him.


“I’ve always had a soft spot for Singo, he’s incredible he’s a super smart, super successful amazing guy who I find really really interesting.”

This led Hughesy to push further with his line of questioning, asking if Erin would completely rule out a romantic relationship, to which she said "He's a great mate for me."

Listen to the full segment here.

Yahoo Lifestyle has reached out to 2Day FM for comment.

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