Fans Swoon Over Photo of Kevin Costner's Four-Legged 'Buddy'

Kevin Costner might be everyone's favorite dog dad.

The Yellowstone alum couldn't help but gush over his fur baby during a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where the actor proudly showed the audience some photos of his adorable pup, Bob.

"I got a buddy, name's Bob," Costner, 69, said during the interview on Tuesday, June 18, noting that he really has two names for his pooch: Bob and sometimes, Bobby—but it depends on how well he is behaving.

"When I'm angry with him, it's Bob. It's Bobby when he's okay," Costner quipped.

Host Jimmy Fallon then introduced a photo of Bob that Costner brought with him to the show, depicting the dog taking a nap inside a dishwasher.

The late night host, 49, admitted that the pic "might be the cutest thing I've ever seen."

"He kind of waits for me to do the dishes," Costner added, while joking, "That's a pretty good dog, right? I do all the work, he does everything else."

He then explained how the photo came to be, recalling with a laugh, "I was doing the dishes, which you've got to do as a single dad."

"Where is he?" he remembered thinking. "He's too quiet, he's chewing on something."

But once he went looking for the pooch, Costner realized he was just taking a snooze on the open dishwasher door.

"I saw that he was sleeping, and I did, like, everything that Americans do these days even if somebody passes out, I took his picture."

Fans were delighted to get a glimpse into Costner's life as a dog dad, with one fan writing on Instagram, "Looks like a proud fur baby Dad!"

"Awwww! Bobby is adorable and a keeper," someone else gushed, while another person chimed in to say, "Love you and your little dog too❣️."

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