Groom savaged for 'awful' wedding attire: 'Is he serious?'

A groom has been roasted after a snap of his wedding attire was posted on a popular Facebook group. At first glance, there doesn’t look to be anything too out of the ordinary as the bride and groom leave their reception.

The bride is wearing a sweetheart white strapless gown, and the groom is in a black suit jacket, white shirt and black cowboy hat.

A bride fixes a groom's bowtie
A groom has been slammed for his unusual choice of wedding attire. Photo: Getty

However, scrolling down reveals that the groom is wearing denim cut-off shorts with brown cowboy boots. Jeans are typically considered too casual for a wedding, and the groom looks out of place next to his bride.

People were flabbergasted by his fashion choice and flooded the comment section with their outrage.

“Is he serious?” one surprised person wrote.


“Sir, judging by the uneven raggedy edges, you took cutoffs literally. That is not a vibe or aesthetic to strive for at any time, let alone your wedding,” a second added.

“So I thought it was jeans at first and was like, okay bad but not the worst. THEN I SAW F**KING KNEE CAPS,” another chimed in.

A groom wearing denim cut-off shorts stands next to a bride in a white wedding dress with her arm raised
The groom chose to wear denim cut-off shorts and brown cowboy boots. Photo: Facebook


Others said they assumed it was a normal wedding snap, but got a fright when they scrolled down.

“Scrolling from the top of this photo to the bottom made me feel like I was in a car accident,” one person quipped.

“I DIDN’T SCROLL ALL THE WAY. I was wondering what’s wrong until I scrolled. Oh my god. It’s awful,” another chimed in.

“Scrolling, huh, well, I mean the hat is at least black and looks nice. Oh, his jacket and shirt are nice! This seems fi-, oh,” a third commented.

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