Bride's cousin sabotages wedding with 'trashy' move: ‘Awful'

A bride’s cousin has been slammed for choosing the same wedding date to cause conflict in the family. In a rant on Facebook, the bride shared how her cousin was attempting to sabotage her big day simply because they didn’t get along.

People couldn’t believe how ‘petty’ her cousin was, with many agreeing it was likely an ‘intentional' power move.

A bride being sad on her wedding day
A bride has shared the cruel act her cousin has made. Photo: Getty

The bride explained what happened in her post, saying the pair had been at odds since they were teenagers.

“This post is to shame my cousin, whose family got my save the date in September, then she gets engaged in October and picks the SAME DATE for my wedding in December for her wedding,” she began.

“Around two months after being engaged she’ll have her wedding on the day I had already picked and invited all our family to. Was there really no other day to pick?

“I guess it should be said, SHE DOES NOT LIKE ME. She hasn’t liked me since we were teens. She has me blocked on Facebook. IF it really wasn’t intentional it is quite the coincidence,” the bride wrote.


In the comments, the bride added that she wasn’t worried about too many of her family members having to make the choice between the two weddings.

“Not to sound too confident but I’m fairly sure I’ll have more at mine and I think they prefer it that way,” she said.

When one person suggested that her cousin made this move to ‘cut wedding costs’, as many family members wouldn’t be able to attend, the bride said this could definitely be a reason.

Group members quickly sided with the bride, saying that her cousin’s decision was out of line and ‘trashy’.

“Even if she gets more family to go to hers (which would be terrible and I don’t excuse it because this whole situation is awful), at least you can rest easy that they’ll have a terrible time at a wedding that was planned in two months,” one person wrote. “Readjust your crown and live the day of your dreams.”


“I’m so sorry they’re doing that to you. That’s really messed up. Honestly. Who does that. Can’t wait for the update post and at least you know you don’t have to invite them to anything anymore,” another added.

“I mean why? So she can penalise other family members who already probably committed to yours and be petty about it for years? I seriously don’t get it. She’s literally wasting her own energy,” a third chimed in.

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