'Genius' Coles $2 pizza hack sparks online debate: 'Cheaper than Dominos'

Many Aussies online are loving this idea, but some were left outraged by the suggestion.

Garlic bread pizza
This pizza hack has quickly taken over social media with dozens already giving it a go. Photo: Facebook

A budget pizza hack is taking over social media after one person shared their “great idea”, which they opted for instead of ordering takeaway. But not everyone is convinced with some arguing that the suggested recipe bears very little resemblance to the real Italian classic.

With the cost of living rising, people are getting creative with what they have. One savvy cook took to a Facebook page that aims to share household hacks for saving money with their genius idea for making pizza without a traditional base using odds and ends from their fridge.

“I grabbed some $2 garlic bread from Coles and used it for a pizza base,” the person wrote.

Garlic bread pizza on tray
While not a traditional pizza, this hack creates a 'rustic' style pull apart pizza. Photo: Facebook

“I was going to get Uber Eats tonight but had stuff in the fridge that had to be used, and this is my creation. Hawaiian pizza on a Garlic bread base with tomato and baby spinach.”

This budget-friendly concept quickly garnered hundreds of comments on Facebook and began appearing on various other budget dinner pages as well.


One woman wasted no time trying it out - agreeing that it was indeed a winning dinner idea.

“I saw this on Facebook and knew I had to make it and share! I already had the cheap $2.30 Coles garlic bread in my fridge, along with pizza sauce, ham, mushrooms, olives, capsicum, basil and shredded cheese,” she said in another Facebook group.

“Season with salt, pepper and herbs and bake in the oven at 180C for 25 minutes - it’s so good!!

Budget-conscious food lovers across Facebook enthusiastically embraced the idea, with many hailing it as a new food trend.

“Could this possibly be two of your most favourite things combined into one!?!” one person wrote.

“I feel like this is genius! Pull apart pizza! Will definitely try this out,” another added.

Several others labelled the idea “quick and easy” and “perfect” to whip up for the kids or the perfect fuss-free meal for camping trips.

Coles Garlic bread
The budget ingredient is the Coles $2.30 twin pack of garlic bread which can be topped with anything in the fridge to create the pizza. Photo: Coles

However, traditional pizza enthusiasts were less impressed with this unconventional creation.

“That’s an insult to pizza,” one person said.

“For the sake of a few cups of flour, yeast and some water, you could make a proper pizza base for far less than what the garlic bread cost,” another p[pointed out.


Despite pizza fans not exactly loving the idea, they couldn’t argue with the fact that it was cheaper than ordering takeaway pizza and making it yourself.

“Looks yummy! I got a chicken and bacon pizza from Domino's $19 it would have been cheaper to buy the stuff and make my own,” one person shared.

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