Inside Married at First Sight's Johnny Balbuziente's first wedding

On Monday evening Married at First Sight Australia fans watched theatre producer Johnny Balbuziente say 'I do' to bride Kerry Cheyne, but it wasn't the theatre producer's first trip down the aisle.

Johnny told the cameras he had his heart broken after he tied the knot with his first wife, fellow performer Andrea Arena, in 2018 only to have her call time on the union six months later.

Johnny MAFS groom tv wedding
We met Johnny last night, but it wasn't his first time at the bottom of the aisle. Photo: Nine
Johnny MAFS groom with bride Andrea Arena in 2018 first wedding
Johnny tied the knot in a lush ceremony back in 2018. Photo: Rick Liston Photography

Now details of the pair's first wedding have come to light, their lavish ceremony detailed by their wedding planner Chic and Stylish Weddings online in a touching, but now heartbreaking tribute to their meant to be lasting relationship.


Snaps from photographer Rick Liston, who can be found on Instagram here, captured Andrea in a custom-made wedding gown she designed herself, while Johnny looked ecstatic in a tuxedo.

Andrea Arena wedding to MAFS Johnny Balbuziente
Andrea says the design for her custom gown came to her in a dream. Photo: Rick Liston Photography
MAFS groom Johnny Balbuziente first wedding photos Rick Liston
Johnny and his best man looked stoked in sharp tuxedos. Photo: Rick Liston Photography

Held in a church in Melbourne the pair are pictured beaming at one another, with the same best man who would later appear on Johnny's Married at First Sight wedding spotted in the background.

Andrea's bridesmaids wore navy high-necked gowns and a veil trailed from her delicate dress.

The reception was held at the prestigious Quat Quatta venue where the theme was, the bride said, a mixture of Hamptons and romantic.

Bride and bridesmaids on wedding day MASF Johnny first wedding photos at Quat Quatta
The bridal party looked as dreamy as Andrea's dress' origins. Photo: Rick Liston Photography

In an interview with the planner, Andrea revealed telling details about the pair's relationship, one being that they met on Instagram after he spotted her in a mutual friend's story and asked to be introduced.

She also revealed that Johnny proposed on their first night in their mutually renovated home over Christmas with a bauble inscribed with 'marry me'.

MAFS Johnny Balbuziente with ex-wife Andrea Arena in first church wedding before MAFS
The pair sealed thing with a kiss in a lavish traditional ceremony. Photo: Rick Liston Photography

Andrea says the design for her incredible gown came to her in a dream just two months before the big day, and she drew it as soon as she woke up before sourcing a designer to turn it into a reality.

“My husband made my dreams came true and I have never been so sure of the word ‘yes’ ever in my life," the bride said.

Johnny Balbuziente MAFS groom first wedding photos to Andrea Arena
The pair tied the knot in 2018. Photo: Rick Liston Photography

Sadly of course the pair split after just six months, Johnny telling the MAFS cameras that Andrea 'left me', but no statement from Andrea has confirmed or denied Johnny's version of events.

On his TV wedding debut, Johnny got emotional recounting the toll his short marriage had on him and his family.

Johnny Balbuziente MAFS wedding to Kerry Cheyne
Johnny's gone for round 2, and this time the whole of Australia is watching. Photo: Nine

Kerry, his TV bride, was also previously married for a similarly short two years, though she says she is on great terms with her ex.

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