MAFS' Jo slammed for 'absolutely distasteful' heckle at wedding

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MAFS fans are up in arms after last night’s episode of the controversial reality show saw bride, Jo Todd, heckle one of the new intruder couples at their wedding.

The episode started with the current couples being told that they would be heading out for the day and to don their ‘Sunday best’.

Jo Todd on Married At First Sight
Jo Todd looked less than impressed at a MAFS wedding last night. Photo: Nine

Little did they know until they rocked up at the venue that they were actually attending the wedding of a new couple who were about to enter the experiment.

While hearing the new couple say their vows may have brought up sentimental memories for some of the other couples, Jo was still fuming after the commitment ceremony.


On Sunday night, her groom, James Susler, made a joke on the couch, saying he was ‘in love with another woman’ from the experiment, kissing expert Alessandra Rampolla on the cheek.

MAFS bride Kerry
New bride Kerry seemed shockde by Jo's outburst. Photo: Nine
Jo Todd at Kerry and Johnny's wedding
Jo said: “You’ll be happy for the first five days and then the rollercoaster will begin.” Photo: Nine

Jo didn’t see the funny side and the couple weren’t on speaking terms when they attended the wedding of new couple, Kerry and Johnny.

Kerry and Johnny looked blissfully happy during their nuptials, laying it all out on the table by revealing that both of them had been married before.

However, it didn’t take long for Jo to burst their newlywed bubble, heckling them at their wedding reception.

“You guys make a good couple,” James said, with Jo adding: “From the outside yeah.”

Bride Kerry looked shocked at what Jo had said, but that didn’t stop her from saying; “You’ll be happy for the first five days and then the rollercoaster will begin.”

Groom Johnny replied: “Well this is awkward.”

Kerry and Johnny's wedding on MAFS
Kerry and Johnny married last night in an intruder wedding. Photo: Nine

MAFS fans couldn’t understand why Jo would say that, with one person saying: “Jo and James are ready to burn the whole house to the ground... If I can’t be in love NO ONE CAN!!!!!”

“That was out of place & she should have not said it - those two are acting like 5 year olds - they need to grow up - work it out or move on,” another person wrote online.

“I have no tact and and I still wouldn't start at someone's wedding. Absolutely distasteful AF Jo,” a fan said.

“Jo was so disrespectful in that moment, like it's somebody else's "wedding",” another fan wrote.

Others agreed, writing: “”Come on Jo, that was unnecessary. No need to drag everyone else down”.

Towards the end of the episode, Jo and James tried to work things out, agreeing to give it another go after the disaster of a commitment ceremony.

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