'Disgusting': MAFS ranking challenge slammed by fans

Married At First Sight fans have been left ‘disgusted’ after last night’s episode of the controversial reality show.

In a new addition to this year’s experiment, the newlyweds were tasked with the challenge of ranking all the other brides and grooms in order of attractiveness.

MAFS cast
A MAFS challenge has angered people online. Photo: Nine

Grooms Bryce and Sam were left in the doghouse after deciding to rank their brides, Melissa and Coco far down the list.

While many of the newlyweds appeared to take to the task in their stride, viewers were left horrified by the bizarre challenge.


“I can not believe this show has people ranking others WTF,” one person wrote.

Bryce and Melissa on MAFS
Fans called the chalenge 'disgusting'. Photo: Nine

“The ranking thing on #MAFSAU tonight was really harsh and cruel,” another said.

“How is this experiment in the first week of a so-called marriage, for anything else other than drama?” a commenter wrote.

Others commented “so messed up” and “this is disgusting. @mafs what is the point of this!?!?”

One person pointed out how it can’t exactly be the best start to marriage when you begin by ranking your mates.

While groom Sam ranked his bride Coco fourth on the list, he was left less than impressed when Coco put him fifth.

“Coco put me bottom four. I think that was a little childish,” Sam said.

MAFS ranking challenge
The challenge saw them rank the other brides and grooms in order of attractiveness. Photo: Nine

“I think it was a little bit an eye for an eye there. She’s offended I don’t find her very attractive. She’s got emotions to deal with so, you know, this isn’t easy for her.”

Meanwhile Bryce said he felt “sick” when Melissa ranked him in first place, after he put her fourth.

“I feel sick after seeing what she picked. I feel like the worst human being in the world” he said.

Melissa was also left devastated over Bryce’s ranking, saying to the camera: “That’s a kick in the guts. I don’t even know what to say.”

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