Inside The Bachelor's 'cursed' new season as star almost dies

The three leading men reportedly can't wait for the season to be over.

The show is still a few days away from airing on TV, but Channel 10's new season of The Bachelor has already been dubbed “cursed” by leads Jed McIntosh, Thomas Malucelli and Felix Von Hofe.

Yahoo Lifestyle can reveal the leading men have joked that “so many things have gone wrong” in their lives since filming wrapped last August and its airdate was repeatedly pushed back that they “can't wait for it all to be over“.

The Bachelor's Felix Von Hofe, Jed McIntosh, and Thomas Malucelli.
The Bachelor's Felix Von Hofe, Jed McIntosh, and Thomas Malucelli have dubbed the new season 'cursed'. Photo: Channel 10

Thomas' motorbike crash

In October, Thomas almost lost his life in a motorbike crash and said it was a “miracle” he survived. The transformation coach took to Instagram three weeks after the incident to share the news and detail his injuries, saying he was “grateful to be alive”.

After a car crashed into him in Bondi, Thomas said he remembered “laying on the concrete scared and traumatised” before then facing months of rehab and recovery whilst unable to work.


“I broke my clavicle, tore the ligament on my thumb and had a severe hematoma on my calf,” he continued. “I’ve needed two surgeries to fix me. Two titanium plates later, a few screws, lots of X-rays, ultrasounds and I’m almost good to go again. Battered but strong! Mind over matter.”

A few days later he updated fans and said that he had a broken collarbone, a torn ligament on his thumb, and “a few scratches and bruises”.

The Bachelor's Thomas Malucelli in hospital.
Thomas almost lost his life in a motorbike crash in October. Photos: Instagram/thomasmalucelli

Jed's studio fire

Just a few days after Christmas Jed's Melbourne recording studio burned down, destroying $200,000 worth of recording equipment including his prized $30,000 drum kit.

Jed's best friend and manager Cam Noble, who owns the studio space, shared a post on Instagram after the accident saying he was “pretty devastated”.

“Unfortunately I lost the Melb studio to a fire yesterday,” he wrote. “This space was my favourite place to work out of, and I’m lucky to have had soooo many people through the doors. I really enjoyed holding write nights, sessions, workshops, showcases & good yarns.”

A GoFundMe has since been created on behalf of Cam with the hope of rebuilding the studio and continuing their work “to push the success of independent artists”.

Since filming The Bachelor, Jed has also been forced to constantly delay releasing new music as the show has been pushed back over and over, resulting in a loss of income. The studio fire, weeks before the program finally airs, then felt like “a final blow” as he thought things were now looking up and he “could get back to touring and doing what he loves”.

The Bachelor's Jed McIntosh's burnt down studio.
Jed’s Melbourne recording studio burned down just a few days after Christmas. Photos: Instagram/thecamnoble

'Can't wait for it all to be over'

Although former pro basketballer Felix hasn't faced anything as confronting as Jed and Thomas, becoming ‘The Bachelor’ has impacted his ability to earn an income since filming wrapped last year.

The clause in his contract requiring him to lock his social media accounts and avoid making public appearances until the show has aired has limited the amount of work and promotions he can take on.


A source tells us: “Felix and the boys knew they'd have to press pause on their lives until the show aired, but they only thought this would be for a month or so. They all expected it to air in September or October, not for it to keep getting pushed back until January.

“At this point, they just can't wait for it all to be over.”

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