Fears mount for fan favourite show as Ten axes Masked Singer and The Bachelor: 'Haven't told me'

Australian Survivor could be on the chopping block after Network Ten axed two of it's biggest shows.

Australian Survivor host Jonathan Lapaglia
There are fears that Australian Survivor may also be on the chopping block after Masked Singer and The Bachelor were both axed by Ten. Photo: Ten

Fears that Australian Survivor could be added to the list of shows that have been axed from Network Ten are growing following the shock cancellation of two huge shows.

"This week the industry has been buzzing with updates that The Masked Singer Australia and The Bachelor have been cut from Network Ten due to budget issues," a TV insider tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

This morning, Paramount confirmed with TV Tonight that these two staple shows are officially gone.


A Channel 10 spokesperson said, "Network 10 will be packing away the masks and the roses this year."

Chrissie Swan and Dave Hughes confirmed to their listeners on their respective radio shows that they are no longer required for the planned upcoming series of The Masked Singer Australia. Production company Warner Bros has also shopped the format around at different networks.

"Channel Nine said no to picking it up and Channel Seven have no plans on picking up the series at this stage but may circle back with a brand new cast in two years time," our source reveals.

 The Masked Singer and The Bachelor
Talking about The Masked Singer and The Bachelor, a spokesperson confirmed, "Network 10 will be packing away the masks and the roses this year." Photo: Ten

"Channel Seven doesn't mind picking up old formats from other networks and has had great success with The Voice Australia and Farmer Wants A Wife."

However, should they take on The Masked Singer Australia, they would have to recast with Seven talent.

"Osher Gunsberg, Chrissie Swan, Dave Hughes and even Abbie Chatfield are known for their relationship with Network Ten," the source adds.

"The interesting part about The Bachelor's demise was that plans were already in place for The Golden Bachelor, and the location had been 'locked-in' up north of Queensland. The show was going to be a shorter, more affordable production, and there was even talk that Osher Gunsberg could be replaced to save money," our insider reveals.

"The network would love to find something for Tristan MacManus and he would have jumped at the opportunity to take over The Bachelor franchise especially with the fresh take on the concept with old participants."

However, our insider reveals that The Bachelor world is 100 per cent on pause, with all ideas shelved for the time being.

I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! host Robert Irwin and Julia Morris
I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! and MasterChef Australia are safe for at least three more years. Photo: Ten

Sadly, along with The Masked Singer Australia and The Bachelor being chopped, an insider confirms there are fears Australian Survivor might be next. Jonathan Lapaglia confirms to Australian media that he hasn't been told what is happening with the next season of the popular franchise.

"They haven't told me yet but if it is happening they usually film in August and we would normally know by now," JLP said, sounding hopeful that the show would be coming back.


Our source at Ten stated, "Masterchef Australia and I'm A Celebrity are both safe and will be happening for at least three more years."

"The fact JLP hasn't been told yet has to do with salary negotiations. The deal has not been made yet but casting applications have closed and the executive producer has been assigned."

"The network DESPERATELY needs JLP on board and without him the show could fall over along with the others," they add.

"Hunted, Amazing Race and Are You Paying Attention are also locked in at this stage with casting complete on another Amazing Race: Celebrity Edition, which did well for the network earlier this year."

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