Farmer Wants A Wife 2023 spoilers: Winners list 'leaks' online

Betting odds have revealed a list of clear favourites.

Farmer Wants A Wife has been filled with controversy this year, with viewers furious that Samantha Armytage has replaced Natalie Gruzlewiski as the main host, as well as farmer Brenton having a clear favourite partner after just two episodes.

The wholesome dating show has been described as a ‘breath of fresh air’ for viewers, with a completely different approach to finding love than Channel Nine’s Married At First Sight. Although the show only started airing two weeks ago, there is already speculation about which participants will capture the five farmers’ hearts.

Farmer wants a wife contestants holding hearts
The Farmer Wants A Wife winners have been leaked. Photo: Seven

Betting odds on websites such as TAB and Sportsbet have given a strong indication as to which lucky women will be walking away with one of the farmers.

According to Sportsbet, farmer Andrew will likely end up choosing Claire, with extremely good odds of $1.17. It doesn’t look good for the other women vying for his heart, with Jessie having odds of $8 and Kelley $10.


For farmer Brad, the race is a little tighter. The obvious frontrunner is Clare, at odds of $1.33 to win. Natasha is still in the running with odds of $4, Christina is a little further away at $7.50, and Morgan is trailing behind at $11.

Samantha Armytage with the farmers on farmer wants a wife
Samantha Armytage has stepped into the role of host this year. Photo: Seven

It looks like farmer Brenton will be walking away with Sophie, who has great odds of $1.23. The next possibility is Rachel at $4.75, but Frankie, Emily and Breanna don’t seem to be in contention, with their odds ranging from $11 to $17.

Olivia is a favourite to walk away with farmer Matt, at great odds of $1.40. Chelsea is the next closest contestant at $5, with Annabelle, Alice and Madison trailing behind at $7, $11 and $13.

Finally, farmer David is likely to choose Emily, with the contestant sitting at odds of $1.38. The second favourite is Lorelei, at $5, but Emma, Elle and Leah trail behind with odds from $8.50 to $11.


However, Seven have just announced that there will be 10 new single ladies joining the show during Sunday night’s episode. Co-host Natalie will introduce each farmer to two potential matches, to make sure they find their perfect partner.

The network says it’s likely to ruffle some feathers, and hints that the latecomers may be able to win over the farmers.

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